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Guilty puppy gives herself away
When asked who dug the hole outside, it becomes painfully clear which of these two dogs are guilty of the crime. She just can't hide her guilt!
Added: 5th October 2016
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Tags puppy naughty dog dog humor guilty animals dogs cute videos 2016

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Cave Paintings (Texas Country Reporter)
Watch as archaeologist Carolyn Boyd interprets the meaning of ancient cave paintings. Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center Dr. Carolyn Boyd 148 Sanderson St. Comstock, TX 78837 (Phone): 432-292-4848 (Website):

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Wingsuit Scotty-Bob - The Beehive Line
Just a bunch a dudes, tryin' to be birds :)
Added: 15th November 2013
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The Jumping Italian Grey Hound
This is dog domino. This is him Jumping because my mom was getting our dogs food ready for dinner. We did not train him to do this. when we first got him he did this.He is around 7 or 8 I do not remember xD. But he is an Italian Grey Hound.
Added: 3rd April 2013
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These dogs in snow are amazig! You will laugh out loud while watching this :) Just look how all these dogs and puppies behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? :)

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