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Heroes Rescue Puppies Stuck In Tar
We're featuring some of our favorite animal heroes - Animal Aid India in this incredible puppy rescue.

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Horses and Horsepower
James Watt is credited with developing the term horsepower to demonstrate that his steam engines were as powerful as a team of horses. This video discusses the term briefly and then features two workhorses skidding logs out of a red pine forest - an inspiring demonstration of horse power. shawwoods.ca/

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Elephant Stops Baby Playing - Time To Eat
Dok Mai knows a general life principle, that food tastes better when eaten with your family. Dok Mai chastises the young and energetic boy for lingering too long away from the feasting family. The truant lad returns to the herd, albeit grudgingly at first at Elephant Nature Park. Learn more : http://www.saveelephant.org/

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Dogs and Cats Playing | Unlikely Friends
Are you a dog person or a cat person? Well, it doesn't matter in this compilation because we are featuring dogs and cats playing and the best of friends! Enjoy this dog and cat unlikely friendships compilation!

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Bankrupt By Beanies
A short documentary about a family's sordid past with Beanie Babies. Made for a Documentary Production class at The University of Arizona.
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