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Camera On Pelican Beak Records Mind Blowing Video
Abandoned by his flock, Bigbird the pelican stumbled ashore after a storm and was taken in by the staff of Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania. Watch as Bigbird learns to fly for the first time. To learn more about animal conservation visit:
Added: 10th March 2014
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Cat Opens Fridge - Grabs Midnight Snack
A cat opens the door to the fridge and grabs a midnight snack. For more hilarious pet videos check out
Added: 8th May 2013
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Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia - Welcome home Ollie
Our bad boy Ollie was born on 16th of October 2015 in Kilkenny, Ireland. We are very surprised he can climb the stairs already and knows how to sit .

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English Bulldog Puppy Dreaming
English Bulldog Puppy Dreaming - Susie Q is knocked out cold lol
Added: 9th December 2012
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Epic Football Skills & Trick Shots Compilation
Whether you call it football or soccer, there's a reason why it's the most popular sport in the world! Enjoy this compilation of epic skills and trick shots of awesome and talented footballers from around the world.

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