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Peyton Manning Now Enjoying Retirement At Sunset Acres Village
Extreme Laughter Alert! Peyton Manning is spending retirement learning new activities while making new friends -- and enemies -- at Sunset Acres Village.

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The Parolee from The Carol Burnett Show
Harry (Harvey Korman) is just out of prison after a 10-year sentence. He’s on parole and on his best behavior... his wife ( Carol Burnett ) is NOT!

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Chickens Just Want To Have Fun!
From chickens wearing sweat pants, chickens riding on the backs of cats, chickens riding skate boards to chickens just being chickens, these are some of the funny clips you will see in today's video.

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These Kindness Rocks Are Starting A Happiness Movement!
The Kindness Rocks Project is inspiring people to be kind and happy! Founder, Megan Murphy started randomly placing rocks, painted with inspirational quotes and sayings, on the beaches of Cape Cod and now people from all around the world are doing the same thing! Megan is creating a happiness movement! In her first year alone, Megan has painted and placed 300 rocks a week on the Cape Cod beaches during the spring and summer months. Now, the rocks don't just span across the United States, thousands of the rocks can be found in 9 countries around the world. Founded 2 and 1/2 years ago, Megan's inspiration for Kindness Rocks came when she was walking on the beach. After realizing how often people look for "signs in the sand", Megan decided she was going to start leaving happy and positive messages on the rocks in the sand. The best part about this project is the connection. After people find these rocks, they bring the idea back to their communities, start the project there, and the cycle of kindness continues. "One message can change someone's day, outlook, or life and that's what this project does," says Megan Murphy. Megan Murphy is a Women's Empowerment Coach, she is a business mentor for SCORE, freelance writer, 2017 O Magazine Insider, Founder of The Kindness Rocks Project, Lecturer and Vice President of Flower Angels USA, a Non-profit located on Cape Cod.
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Researchers Test Device That Heals Wounds With Single Touch!
Researchers at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have been testing a device that aims to reprogram skin cells into nearly any type of cells a patient requires. Dr. Chandan Sen explains this new technology and its potential impact in human treatment.

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