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Funny Cats vs Computers Compilation (2018)
Cats playing with computers and laptops. Watch these silly cats chase computer mice and pounce at birds on the computer screens. Try not to laugh at these cute kitties!

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Rescue Dog Rescued From Drug House Finally Gets To Be A Puppy - BRANDI
Rescue Dog Is Finally Learning How To Be A Puppy | This pittie was rescued from a drug house, and her new family decided to spoil her rotten. She was driving them crazy with squeaky toys - so they found the perfect solution.

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High School Receptionist Belts Out Etta James Classic Over PA System
A North Carolina school receptionist on Wednesday stunned students on the last day of school when she belted out the Etta James classic "At Last" over the PA system. Regina Ballard, the songstress, posted the video on Facebook, and the clip went viral. "I love my job, y'all, but I look forward to summers when I can spend time with my grands & family, it is...At Last!!!" Ballard wrote in her post. The video of Ballard's hearty ballad sung at North Lincoln High School has around 165,000 in a recent tally Friday night. "That's it. It's 3 o'clock, y'all. At 3:15, it's official," Ballard said before raising the volume of the classic song's instrumental version on her computer. In between hitting all the high and low notes, she flashes a big, bright smile. "For summer break is ours at last," she jovially sings. "At last!" A crowd in the background then erupted in thunderous applause for her.

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Jeanne Robertson | Crowning Miss North Carolina
Jeanne is on Sirius & XM Radio this clip is from Jeanne's DVD Southern Style! Jeanne's official website Jeanne Robertson | Crowning Miss North Carolina

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Thanks for inviting us to perform O'Reilly family!!
Added: 20th June 2018
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