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INCREDIBLE Facts About the International Space Station
Weve all heard about the International Space Station zipping around in space, and some of you may have seen it shoot across the night sky, but what do you really know about it? Here, well delve into the beginnings, the middle, and even the end of the ISS, and tell you what its like in the lives of those that, for a time, call it home. Get ready for some truly out-of-this-world information; this is Incredible Facts About the International Space Station.

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The Cartoon Saloon. Texas Country Reporter
The Cartoon Saloon J.P. Rankin, The Cartoon Cowboy 508 Farm To Market Rd 473 Comfort, TX 78013 Follow us on Twitter:

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DIY Camper Van with Indoor Shower & 100% Solar (no propane) - Van Life Tour
Marjolaine and Alex are a super nice couple from Canada who decided they wanted to take a year to travel all the way down to Panama and back. They financed a 2018 Ford Transit and completed their conversion in 3 months. You can follow their adventures on Instagram at: One thing that we found different from other conversions we've seen is that they wanted to avoid using propane in the van since it was such a small space. Instead, they've got 2 x 270 Watt solar panels on the roof, 2 x 250 amp hour AGM batteries and a 3000 Watt power inverter so that they can run all their systems using electricity. They've got an electric hot water heater, an induction cooktop, LED lights, and a 12-volt fridge. They also included a ton of storage under their benches, above the countertops, and even found a way to have a closet for hanging clothes. The indoor hot water shower is something we rarely see in vans, but Alex and Marjo found a way to do it. They also have a cassette toilet that can be taken out of the shower stall when they shower. We hope you enjoy checking out their van conversion!

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Lol! You Won't Stop Laughing With These Comedians - America's Got Talent: The Champions
Crack up at all these comedy acts from America's Got Talent: The Champions featuring Preacher Lawson and Drew Lynch.

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Plastic bottles become non-biodegradable litter and so harmful for the environment. Reuse plastic bottles in order to save nature and also to cut everyday costs. You can make a collection of useful household crafts for your home. Moreover, you can create various decorations for your home. All our craft projects don't require any special skill and you will totally love them!

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