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Funny Labradors Compilation
Funny Labradors! Enjoy 8 minutes of funny and adorable labs! Feel free to leave a comment! Share this video in Facebook/Twitter/Google+.

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Peyton Manning Now Enjoying Retirement At Sunset Acres Village
Extreme Laughter Alert! Peyton Manning is spending retirement learning new activities while making new friends -- and enemies -- at Sunset Acres Village.

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The Parolee from The Carol Burnett Show
Harry (Harvey Korman) is just out of prison after a 10-year sentence. He’s on parole and on his best behavior... his wife ( Carol Burnett ) is NOT!

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Kind Humans Rescue Moose From Icy Lake
"On our way to the hole, we saw the moose make several attempts at getting out of the water, but it could neither get up nor break the ice to get to shore. My partner, Sigrid Sjosteen, eagerly started to chop a pathway to shallower water, where it could reach the bottom and get out. We took turns chopping for about 30 minutes before the moose was out of danger."
Added: 7th February 2017
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