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Golden Retriever goes crazy for yoga ball!
Jasper the Golden Retriever has some impressive soccer skills! Think you could top those moves? Filmed in Webster, New York.
Added: 20th June 2016
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Coolest Corgis Ever Compilation
If you're ever in need of a cuteness break, corgis are always there to lift your mood. Here's a few videos of some of the coolest corgis around.

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Strong Independent Pets || Awesome Pet Compilation
The most self-sufficient pets ever! Loved the cat knocking things off the table. Just glad he isn't my cat. Can you pick a favorite?

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Cow Tries to Sleep on Dog Bed
This full-grown cow, Radar, still has the attitude of a much smaller animal and he tries to take a nap on a dog bed despite his way bigger size.
Added: 5th February 2016
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Curious gopher closely examines GoPro
An extremely inquisitive gopher poses for the camera and then investigates it so closely that he bumps his nose on the lens. He sniffs at the camera and checks
Added: 1st May 2016
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