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Dog Napping.. in Swimming Pool... With Teddy Bear
Brylie the golden labrador retriever would rather take a nice nap, floating in her kiddy pool, in the swimming pool, than swim. Of couse she must also have Teddy Bear by her side. A dogs life is a good life, at least in Brylie's case.
Added: 21st March 2015
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Cats Dogs and Babies Thug Life Compilation
Animals Thug Life | Babies Thug Life | Thug Life Cat | Thug Life Dog | Thug Life Baby | Cats Thug Life | Dogs Thug Life | Babies Thug Life Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Super Quick Potato Peeling! - Life Hack
How to peel potatoes really quickly. This simple trick show you a speedy way to peel your potatoes without using a peeler. Great if you've got a lot of potatoes to peel. You need to boil the potatoes, but you could try parboiling them and then putting them in the oven if you want roast potatoes, or cutting them for chips. Music: Look Busy - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Adorable baby boy attempts to drink water from a hose
On this scolding hot day all this little bot wants is water. It's refreshing whether he can get it to reach his mouth or not.
Added: 12th April 2015
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Give them enough rope, and they reach new heights
The Firecrackers, an Ohio jump rope team, is lighting up the country with their jumping skills. They've performed for David Letterman and are becoming a staple of college and professional half-time shows. And they're only in middle school. Adrianna Diaz reports.
Added: 25th March 2015
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