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Johnny Carsons's 4th of July Monologue, 1975
Johnny, Doc and Tommy discuss their 4th of July holiday plans. 07/04/1975 JOHNNY CARSON

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Sensei-tional: Meet The 92-Year-Old Judo Master
MARTIAL arts master Jack Hearn is the oldest active Judo Sensei in the UK - and at 92-years-old, he has no plans of bowing out. The great-great-grandfather, from Cramlington, Northumberland, holds a 9th Dan black belt, making him one of the country’s highest graded players.

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21 Crazy Animal Bites
Sink your teeth into these 21 Crazy Animal Bites!
Added: 19th January 2016
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Capybara adorably munches on celery stick
Have you ever witnessed a capybara eating before? This cute little creature enjoys a healthy snack as it preciously chews on a stick of celery.
Added: 6th August 2016
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