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Elephant And Dog Are Best Friends!
A white stray canine, which later became known as Bella, wandered into The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and befriended an elephant named Tarra. The inseparable friends were incredible in their devotion to each other for many years. When Bella becomes bedridden and behind closed doors for three weeks, see out what drives Tarra the elephant to visit Bella every day.

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Man juggles 3 knives while riding a 3-wheeled unicycle!
A street performer in San Francisco, USA shows off some jaw-dropping skills. Watch as he manages to dangerously juggle 3 knives while riding a custom 3-wheeled

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Dog Is Completely Convinced This Bunny Is A Puppy
"What kind of dog are YOU?" Video by Laszlo Toth Scripted by Sarah V Schweig

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