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Sea Moths, Flying Gurnards, Blennies And Gobies - Lembeh Strait
Sea moths, flying gurnards, blennies and gobies. Part 8 of my documentary, "Mucky Secrets", about the fascinating marine creatures of the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia. This video features some of the unusual fish found in the Lembeh Strait. First we encounter a pair of short dragonfish, Eurypegasus draconis, a type of seamoth. Seamoths are monogamous and bond closely with their mate. www.bubblevision.com
Added: 1st June 2014
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Tractor Trailer Jumps Over Lotus F1 Race Car
Why jump a semi-truck over a speeding Formula 1 car? In the spirit of pushing boundaries, EMC set a world record with Lotus F1 Team and their precision of their computing powers. Awesome!
Added: 25th November 2014
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Webcam 101 for Seniors....
Trying to learn how to use their new computer! Bruce and Esther Huffman from McMinnville, OR AKA - "The Happy Huffmans" Find us on Facebook!
Added: 3rd August 2014
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Giant Panda Cub Bao Bao Tumbling
Giant Panda Bao Bao Grabbing one of her favorite toys and tumbling down the hill with it. This was the first time (hopefully of many) that she has done this. Taken at the Smithsonian National Zoo.
Added: 25th August 2014
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Italian Wedding Soup - OrsaraRecipes
Today's recipe will be Italian Wedding Soup, which was requested from someone on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/OrsaraRecipes
Added: 14th February 2014
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