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Cute Black Kitten Shadow Boxing!
Adorable kitten confused by his own shadow... Cole does his best to catch the other "black kitten" mimicking him :)

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3 Year Old White Belt Reciting the Student Creed
3 Year Old White Belt Recites Premier Martial Arts Leeds Student Creed.
Added: 28th February 2015
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Tags martial arts Taekwondo (Martial Art)

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Performing Arts Camp Helps Children Build Self-Esteem
Celebrating their fifth anniversary, Camp TLC (Together Living a Challenge) believes that when children are delivered hope and happiness through quality "camp like" programming, they develop a renewed sense of self-esteem and hope. Camp TLC brings a performing arts camp to kids who would never get to go to camp, specifically to kids in hospitals and foster care situations. Founder Caroline Baumis dared to quit her job and follow her dream of starting this amazing camp that now thrives for herself and the lives of others. hooplaha.com

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Hedgehogs Go Tubing! | Too Cute!
Playtime for the baby hedgehogs turns out to be so exciting that it attracts the attention of the family dog! animal.discovery.com/tv/

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Life Ref and Arrest by Tom Mabe
I never thought I would be in the back of a cop car! Life Ref Prank..

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