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Wolf Girl Anneka Svenska meets 2 huge, beautiful Canadian Wolves Madadh & Kgosi at Wolf Watch UK. Madadh, a beautiful black Canadian wolf came to Wolf Watch with her brother Kgosi in April 1999, from the time of their arrival until three months later, normality at Wolf Watch became a thing of the past or perhaps life just followed a different pattern. She is the wolf most visitors to the centre are likely to meet if the circumstances permit. Kgosi is a proud handsome wolf, his greying coat (once black) and softer personality takes nothing away from his unmistakable status within the pack. Kgosi spends his time with sibling Madadh and have lived together with hardly a day apart in their two and a half acre enclosure. Wolf Watch UK is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, welfare and conservation of displaced wolves from captive situations.

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Goat is a Coffee Thief!
I spent a couple of hours shoveling out the goats this morning after our latest storm and then sat down exhausted to have coffee with the herd.
Added: 23rd February 2017
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15 Most Ironic Photos
From Reading the Fine Print to Invisible Spray at a Bargain! here are 15 Most Ironic Photos. Try not to laugh challenge accepted!

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100 People Show Us What It Looks Like When They Dance
We asked 100 people to show us their go-to dance move. What's yours?
Added: 23rd February 2017
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