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Deer Meets Snowman And Devours Him
Deer Meets Snowman And Immediately Devours Him | This little deer came across the cutest snowman - and decided he was DELICIOUS.

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3 Craziest Animal Rescues Of 2017
Here are three of 2017's craziest rescues - all of these HEROES went above and beyond to save animals who wouldn't have survived without them.

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Baby elephant want to play with mahout who pour water for him
This moment was captured while we went to visit at Elephant Freedom Program in Northern Chiang Mai Thailand. Watch how cute he is when he spend to in the bath tub and finally run to play.
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Laundry Day Pets | Funny Pet Compilation 2017
It's Laundry Day! Washing, drying, folding and hanging are such a chore, unless you have pets around! These awesome pets are keeping their hoomans company as they conquer laundry day!

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Elephant acts protective over her favourite person
Faa Mai has grown up so fast ! These days she nears the same size as her mother, yet with aging she has retained such a beautiful and gentle demeanor, always demonstrating her care and respect for others. Today she spied me out of the corner of her eye while she was playing in the mud and happily came to hug me with a trunk full of mud. All my hair and face was covered with mud, so I went down to the river to clean myself off. Faa Mai followed to see what I was doing. She continuously checked to make sure that I was safe, touching me with her trunk. The more that she touched me, the more that I was dappled with dirt. She then shuffled me away from the river as is the way of a mother toward her calf. Sometimes I wonder what Faa Mai is thinking, acting always so caring and protective as if she were my mama ! at Elephant Nature Park. Learn more :

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