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Top 10 Things to Do in Hawaii
Teeming with wildlife, adventure, and beautiful vistas, it is easy to see the draw of a vacation in the Hawaiian Islands. From exploring inactive and active volcanoes on the Big Island to learning about Hawaii's history on the island of Molokai, we have compiled a shortlist of ten "musts" for an unforgettable experience in this breathtaking pacific archipelago.

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Clumsy Puppy Steals Lettuce: Cute Puppy Potpie & Funny Dog Maymo
Watch clumsy puppy dog Potpie try to steal lettuce and fail! When a head of lettuce is left on the table, this cute beagle puppy tries his hardest at stealing the green leafy vegetable. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at nabbing the lettuce, Potpie enlists the help of his older brother, Maymo, who shows Potpie how its really done. Cutest Lettuce Thief Ever!

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Cat With Head Stuck In Gate Is Lucky Rescuers Came Along
Cat With Head Stuck In Gate Is So Lucky Rescuers Came Along | This cat got his head stuck in a gate and had NO IDEA how to get out - until these guys showed up. To help SMART save more kittens, you can support the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services:

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Best Pet Videos From All Of Last Year
2017 was quite the year and I don't know about you, but pet videos we're one of my favorite parts! From adorable dogs and cute cats to crazy raccoons and rowdy reptiles, these are just some of the best pet videos of the year!

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Funny and Cute Bulldog Videos Compilation
Cute and funny bulldogs and bulldog puppies. English bulldogs and English bulldog puppies playing!

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