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New Year's Resolutions As Told By Pets
Every year we make New Year's resolutions in hopes of starting off the new year on the right foot! Whether you are trying to get in shape for 2018 or wanting to spend more time with your loved ones, here are some New Year's resolutions as told by pets!

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First time ever meeting a koala and kangaroo
Maya, from Germany, made sure a visit to Symbio was on her Australian Bucket list after falling in love with our Koalas

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Husky Bench Sculpture Carved with Chainsaw!
Artist Jordan Anderson grabbed his chainsaw and impressively carved wooden Siberian Huskies for a bench he was creating. When he finished carving them, he took a blowtorch and added more details so that the animals would look more realistic.

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These dogs in snow are amazig! You will laugh out loud while watching this :) Just look how all these dogs and puppies behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? :)

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Woman Quits Job To Start An Animal Sanctuary Because of One Pig
Woman Loves Animals So Much She Quit Her Job To Start A Sanctuary | This woman lives with more than 450 animals! And it all started because of one very special pig. To help Pam save more farm animals, you can support Edgar's Mission:

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