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Gorillas React To Their Reflection
Find out how these wild gorillas react when they get a glimpse of themselves for the first time.

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Doberman gets in tub with baby ducks!
Get ready for some serious cuteness! We had the ducklings taking their daily bath and all of a sudden our big ole Doberman climbed in with them! Now she thinks she's their mama!

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Best Pets of the Week | January 2018 Week 1
It's time for the best pets of the week! This week we have some snow loving doggos, an owl who is more than ready for bath time and a cat and dog who definitely aren't, and much more! Enjoy!

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Ham Orchards (Texas Country Reporter)
See how Dale Ham's purchase of a few peach trees turns into a harvest he never could have imagined. Ham Orchards Sharien Strange, Dale Ham 11939 Co Rd 309 Terrell, TX 75161 (Phone): 972-524-2028 (Website):
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