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Chickens Just Want To Have Fun!
From chickens wearing sweat pants, chickens riding on the backs of cats, chickens riding skate boards to chickens just being chickens, these are some of the funny clips you will see in today's video.

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Derby & Rookie: The Trenton Thunder Batdogs
The Trenton Thunder, a minor league baseball affiliate of the NY Yankees, has an unusual way of getting through the dog days of summer. Meet Batdog Derby and his son Rookie, a Batdog in training. During the first inning of every Thunder home game, Derby replaces the regular batboy and retrieves the bats of the home team. We caught up with the dynamic duo during a "Bark in the Park" night, where fans were allowed to bring their own dogs to the game.

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Incredible Stuntman Training and Calisthenics!
Check out the incredible calisthenics practice and training required to perform insane stunts!

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Sibling Rivalry Pets | Funny Pet Video Compilation 2017
Anyone with a brother or sister or two animals under the same roof can relate.

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