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Dean Martin And  Foster Brooks - The Airline PIlot
Dean Martin is having a drink at the bar when Foster Brooks comes stumbling in. Foster is an airline pilot you never want to fly with.

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20 Cutest Animal Best Friends Ever
From Monkey and Puppy Harmony to Dog and Cheetah Pals here are 20 Cutest Animal Best Friends Ever! Do you own any adorable pets?

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Police And Firefighters In Uptown Funk Lip Dub Video
Thanks to the Rock County Public Safety Agencies of Beloit, Wisconsin for putting this great video together. I hear this song on my local radio station quite often and it's one of my current favorites. I hope this video brings a little "joy" to your day. Rock County, WI Public Safety Lip Dub Video (Song by Mark Ronson, Featuring Bruno Mars)

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I'll Fly Away - Gillian Welch - Alison Krauss
There have been numerous recordings of "I'll Fly Away" since its inclusion in the 2000 film O Brother Where Art Thou?, although a vintage recording was used in the film itself, a contemporary recording by Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch was chosen for the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. The spare recording, produced by T-Bone Burnett, features Welch on lead vocals with Krauss singing harmony. Their voices are accompanied by Mike Compton on mandolin and Chris Sharp on guitar.

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Think You Have Seen Juggling... Watch This!
Nelli Kujansivu | Foot Juggling
Added: 9th April 2017
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Tags Twenty Toes foot juggling Roxana Kuwen juggling routine

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