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A Spooktacular POV Fly Through of the Winchester Mystery House
Watch this exclusive POV fly through of the Winchester Mystery House and then go beyond the ghost stories and learn how innovative Sarah Winchester was with design.

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Puppy Born With Straight Legs Makes His Mom's Heart Melt - NICO
Puppy Born With Straight Legs Makes His Mom's Heart Melt | This puppy was abandoned when he was a tiny baby bear and his mom can't get over how cute he is.

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How the World's First Movie Star Changed Cars Forever
In the early 1900s, Florence Lawrence was one of the most recognizable women in America. She starred in over 300 silent films and is credited as being the world's first film star. But in addition to her Hollywood hustle, Florence was also a bit of an inventor. In 1914, she created a mechanical signaling arm for cars, a precursor for the modern-day turn signal. At the push of a button, a flag would rise on the back bumper indicating if the driver wanted to turn left or right. Sadly, Lawrence never registered her design and she was never credited for her invention-nevertheless, her contributions to the automobile industry will live on forever.

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1 of 1 handmade Porsche coupe, Model T Fords, and some old Hondas  | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 41
Published on Oct 3, 2018 During a visit to San Diego, Tom gets a lead on a couple unique cars way outside of the city. He and the woody hit the road and arrive at Randy Carlson's house a few hours later. As it turns out, Randy has more than just a couple cars and, to Tom's delight, a good number of fun stories to accompany them. After checking out some Fords, Packards, Volkswagens, a Lincoln, and some old Hondas, Randy pulls back the cover on an interesting custom Porsche coupe, hand-built in Germany by a design school.

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