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Bulldogs watch TV like an old married couple
This is totally normal in my house. Elvis and Khaleesi love watching TV!

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Andre Rieu - Welcome to My World: Episode 7 - Dressed to Impress
In Episode 7 Andre rummages through the wardrobe department at his studio recalling some of his best loved outfits and performances including his tribute to Mary Poppins!

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15 Funny Puppies Video Compilation 2016
From puppies playing in the rain, to puppies chewing on shoes, and puppies taking naps, these are just a few of the puppies you'll find in this funny puppies compilation.

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Labradors Are Awesome Compilation
Enjoy 4 minutes of funny, adorable, and clumsy labs! Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed in the United States for the 25th consecutive year, the longest reign of any one breed, according to 2015 AKC registration data.

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Nap Time with a Holstein Cow
Occurred: July 24, 2016 / Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Added: 29th July 2016
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