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20 Best Animal Photobombs Ever
Animals can be cute and fun, they can also be funny! Here are 20 of the funniest animal photobombs. Prepare to laugh!

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The Tiny Yorkie Who Became a World War II Hero
World War II had its fair share of heroes: Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Commander Eisenhower. But one you probably don't recognize is Smoky—a Yorkshire terrier. This is the story of the smallest war hero of the century.

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Dogs and parrots playing
Very funny and cute compilation of dogs and parrots playing. Dogs and parrots best friends.

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Pie Face Showdown Game!
These people paid to get pie in the face!!! We'd definitely shoot this prank again just to watch their reaction live.

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10 Strangest Endangered Animals
From the Sea Pen to the christmas tree worm, here are 10 of the world's strangest endangered animals.

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