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Where Dollars Die (and are Reborn)
Turns out, your old cash has a very green afterlife. When money gets too old and worn out for circulation, it gets sent back to the Federal Reserve to be shred and turned into … compost? Yep. Million-dollar compost. Money may not grow on trees, but trees can grow from money.

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Ninja Cat Scares Brother Into A Pool
Cats can be pretty darn sneak and a bit of a jerk sometimes! Well this kitty does a pretty good job at being both when he sneaks up on his unsuspecting brother
Added: 21st June 2016
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Night Photographer (Texas Country Reporter)
Find out about a photographer who captures stunning images in the dead of night.

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How to use a wine cork to preserve freshness
Learn how simple it is to use a wine cork in order to maintain freshness for opened bags of food. Who knew it could be so simple?!
Added: 22nd June 2016
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