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Harley The Cockatoo Playing With His Wrecking Ball
Harley The Cockatoo Playing With His Wrecking Ball
Added: 24th October 2016
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Meet Eye-Catching Twin Cats Iriss And Abyss
BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to these beautiful twin cats, who have mismatched eyes. Named Iriss and Abyss, both sisters have a genetic condition called heterochrmomia, which produces a difference in colouration in both eyes due to a lack of melanin. Pavel Kasianov, 31 from Saint-Petersburg Russia, adopted the crossbred 10-month-old kittens after seeing an advert online. As well as their hypnotising eyes, the cats also have snow white fur adding to their unique look. Since having the cats, Pavel has set up an Instagram page for the twins which boasts more than 70,000 followers. To find our more, visit https://www.instagram.com/sis.twins/
Added: 25th October 2016
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Nine-week-old baby has a full head of bouffant hair
An adorable tot has been nicknamed Baby Bear due to his incredible bouffant mane that he is sporting at just eight weeks old. Mother-of-three Chelsea Noon, 32,
Added: 26th October 2016
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The Old Sheriff -  Tim Conway and Harvey Korman
Bank Robber Harvey Korman must contend with the oldest (and slowest) sheriff in the west before he can leave town.

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Salt of the Earth: Sicily's Holy Mine
Deep under the bedrock in Realmonte, Sicily, one of Europe's largest salt mines holds more than a few surprises. Twisting through 62 miles of tunnels, this mine produces around 500,000 tons of salt every year. Naturally occurring rings that date back millions of years give color and pattern to the walls. It even boasts a cathedral carved into the earth that is big enough to fit 800 worshipers.

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