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Top 35 Most Handsome Classic Hollywood Actors
A countdown of the "35 Most Handsome Classic Hollywood Actors". This is not an official list or one based on public opinion, these are just one persons personal preference of the Old Hollywood actors. Everyone has their own opinions so please feel free to comment yours below the video and let me know what you thought of this countdown and who in your opinion the most handsome actor is :)

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1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe // SOLD $675,000 // Mecum Indy
Today, the car presents as if it left the factory yesterday. Having spent the majority of its life locked safely away from the elements, and from prying eyes, this car is as close to a Vault Find as any car can be, and yet its condition reveals that it has clearly been pampered and cared for beyond any reasonable level. Its original 427/435 HP engine still fires up on command with a mean growl; its Marina Blue paint still glistens with a wet shine and its matching Bright Blue interior is pristine.
Added: 1st March 2018
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Of course, Maru is in the bucket
Maru still enjoys the bucket!
Added: 3rd March 2018
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Funny Cats Love Water Compilation (2018)
Funny cats love water. Watch cute cats and kittens play in water. Cats love to swim!

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Surrounded By 300 Killer Whales
Surrounded By 300 Killer Whales
Added: 28th February 2018
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