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The Family Making Sure Your Bread Stays Fresh
Tucked away in the town of Yakima, Washington is a factory producing an unassuming, yet wildly prolific global product, one that you've used your entire life bread tags. The tiny piece of plastic keeping your bread fresh is all thanks to one family. Through the company Kwik Lok, the Paxton sisters have been carrying on their grandfather's legacy, selling over a billion bag clips every year.

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Funny Homemade Inventions
Funny homemade inventions, episode 3, - Interesting and fun home-made inventions from around the world !

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Giant Bunny Has The Best Family - COCOA PUFF
Giant Bunny Has The Best Family | This massive bunny is almost as big as his human siblings.

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Silkie chicken funny videos
Silkie chicken funny videos. Amazing.
Added: 13th July 2018
Views: 909
Tags chicken funny silkie

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People Are Awesome Presents: Tosca Rivola | Cyr Wheel
Welcome to People Are Awesome Presents, PAA's new series where our incredible community of talent put their top skills on display while sharing the motivations behind them! On episode one, we meet Tosca Rivola, Cyr Wheel extraordinaire from Prague!

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