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A Day Made of Glass
Watch "A Day Made of Glass" and take a look at Corning's vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it.
Added: 28th February 2011
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NASA Satellite Falls On Car
NASA satellite fell from space and right onto a car people are supposed to keep an eye on, then a van full men in black show up, take the satellite away and run off, leaving the victims with an unbelievable story to tell. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags.
Added: 27th September 2011
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Who Is This Guy
This guy can kick a soccer ball better than anyone I have ever seen.
Added: 11th April 2011
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Hidden Camera Pranks
These guys think they are going to get their car washed by three beautiful bikini clad girls but are they in for a big suprise when the old man pulls up in his BMW. Funny stuff!
Added: 13th June 2011
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Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper
8-month-old boy laughing hysterically while at-home daddy rips up a job rejection letter. It was so fun that they moved on to credit card solicitations!
Added: 1st March 2011
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