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Pair of singing bird pistols from 1820
A pair of singing-bird pistols not useful for combat made of gold and inlaid with gems sold for $5.8 million at a Christies International sale in Hong Kong on May 30th. These exquisite mechanical toys were made in Geneva circa 1820.
Added: 11th July 2011
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Nancy The Sheep Herding Chihuahua
Watch Nancy The Sheep Herding Chihuahua. Tiny Nancy weighs just 2.5 lbs but she has proven her expertise in the field, by confidently herding sheep more than six times taller than her.
Added: 30th June 2011
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Monkey Mother Love - Brahms Lullaby by Jewel
"The love of a mother, human or animal, is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father..." Jewel sings: "Brahms Lullaby", with a such a tender voice that perfectly accompanies the video.
Added: 10th August 2011
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Understanding Southern
Well, at least he tries! Bill Cosby has a very entertaining conversation with a lovely lady from North, South Carolina. Laughed till I cried!
Added: 16th September 2010
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The REAL Wall-E Robot
This is the a robot built by DJ Sures using the EZ-B Robot Controller and the EZ-Builder Robot Control Software. The original toy was a U-Command Wall-e that was modified. The tracks are driven by two modified servos. The arms, neck and head are controlled by standard servos. The camera is a 2.4ghz wireless camera. Put together with a hot glue gun, a dremel and a lot of inspiration from a great movie. Video does not due this Wall-E robot justice, his personality is far more interactive and humorous in real life.
Added: 25th July 2011
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