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Rolling in the Deep - Adele Acoustic Cover
Rolling in the Deep - Adele Acoustic Cover (Jorge and Alexa Narvaez) http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rolling-in-deep-feat.-alexa/id458629631 ROLLING IN THE DEEP NOW ON ITUNES Whaaaaaaaaat!! thats right!!!
Added: 23rd August 2011
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Flying Silver Carp on Wabash River in Indiana
Flying silver carp jump and leap out of the water and into our boat. Indiana Outdoor Adventure TV hosts Troy McCormick and Mac Spainhour fend off the 20 pound fish as they attack the boaters and provide a boatload of fun and adventure.
Added: 20th April 2011
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**BREAKING NEWS**OPRAH HAS A HALF SISTER! OPRAH'S BIG SECRET REVEALED !!! Oprah, Patricia and her mother were all reunited on the show. Turns out The Oprah has a half-sister named Patricia who was put up for adoption at a young age and bounced around foster homes until she was finally adopted at the age of 7. Oprah said her mother never told her about Patricia.
Added: 24th January 2011
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Ever Wonder What A Dust Storm Looks Like..
Bystander footage of a giant dust storm rolling in to Lubbock, TX Monday.
Added: 18th October 2011
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Stolen Volkswagon Prank
Generous man ask some strangers to film him while he offers a gift car to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she really does't like the car, she would much rather have the VW Beetle parked right in front. Ready for anything to please his better half, he steals the car for her! http://www.hahaha.com
Added: 16th September 2011
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