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Morning Glory Cloud
Extreme sports photographer and Nikon Ambassador Mark Watson tells of the photographic adventure of a lifetime - capturing the spectacular Morning Glory cloud. Using a Nikon D300S + 10.5mm fisheye lens attached to the hang glider he provides an incredible angle of the mysterious formation. In an amazing feat, world record holding, Red Bull hang-glider Jonny Durand, has become the first man ever to perform aerobatics on the cloud above the remote wilderness of the Gulf Of Carpentaria. See more @ My Nikon Life:
Added: 18th January 2011
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Town of Custom Carts
Watch The VILLAGES Fl - Town of Custom Golf Carts 5-22-11 CBS Sunday Morning Bill Geist explores the 90 miles of golf cart paths in the town of THE VILLAGES in Florida. Golf cart paths to take people wherever they so desire - no cars necessary. That doesn't prevent residents from indulging in their love of cars, with custom-designed golf carts that are street legal. Read more:
Added: 7th June 2011
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Vintage Road Sign Paintings
Take a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic art collection of old road signs. On display at Bennie's Attic, 113 Oak St., Sweetwater, TX 795556. Phone # - 325-320-5364.
Added: 9th March 2011
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The Grand Rapids LipDub (NEW WORLD RECORD)
The Grand Rapids LipDub Video was filmed May 22nd, with 5,000 people, and involved a major shutdown of downtown Grand Rapids, which was filled with marching bands, parades, weddings, motorcades, bridges on fire, and helicopter take offs. It is the largest and longest LipDub video, to date.
Added: 27th May 2011
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Copper Pipe Magnet
We have weird gravity here in Rockford Illinois. The neodymium magnets are super powerful and even though they are not attracted to the copper, they still produce eddy currents that buffer the fall as seen in the video. Lenz's Law make a great experiment for kids to adult. Also, great at parties when conversation goes stale.
Added: 9th August 2011
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