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Watch WORLD'S FIRST DOG FITTED WITH FOUR PROSTHETIC PAWS Naki'o is the first dog to be fitted with a complete set of bionic paws that work naturally to allow him to run, jump and even swim. Nakio received the paws after his own were severely hurt from stepping into an ice puddle as a puppy. The prosthetics were designed and fitted in a pioneering procedure by Martin Kaufmann, founder of Orthopets. Naki'o had very severe frostbite after putting his paws in a frozen puddle as an abandoned puppy. Malnourished and weak he probably did not move from that spot for some time. As a result the tissue of the paws became dead and he could not use them. The dead tissue was removed by the Vet once Naki'o was rescued.
Added: 22nd June 2011
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Dancing Gorilla at the Zoo
Watch Break Dancing Gorilla at the Zoo. The video shows Zola having pure fun with an enrichment opportunity and is not trained behaviour; the music was added afterward. Zola, nine-years old, is one of eight Western lowland gorillas currently living at the Calgary Zoo as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Gorilla Species Survival Plan. He loves to play in water and keepers regularly give him the opportunity to do so as part of the enrichment activities they plan and vary on a daily basis.
Added: 21st June 2011
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Kitten Plays Invisible Harp
Watch Kitten Plays Invisible Harp.
Added: 19th June 2011
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Seal Kiss - Skylar and Sunset
2 northern elephant seal pups that were rescued and rehabilitated at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach were released , June 11, 2011.
Added: 14th June 2011
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Kitten Vs. Tail
Watch Kitten Vs. Tail
Added: 12th June 2011
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