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Photographer Saves Animals Lives
Dallas pet photographer Teresa Berg makes a difference by volunteering to take adoption pictures for animals in need of a home. Watch today's video to see just how successful she is! If you think your local pet adoption center could use this information, please pass it on.
Added: 25th September 2011
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Birds Eye View From Stolen Camera
A Seagull stole this guys video camera in Cannes France and by mistake shoots the best video this camera will probably ever take. The guy later finds the camera on the castle wall where the Seagull left it. Totally awesome video!
Added: 27th June 2011
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Mommy Help Me I'm Drowning Here!
Female elephants resuce a baby elephant from drowning in a waterhole.
Added: 22nd May 2011
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Chihuahua Stops Armed Robbers
Paco to the rescue! One brave Chihuahua named Paco stops and chases off two armed robbers at a small smoke shop in Altadena, California. Paco received his official Super Hero cape on Good Morning America.
Added: 19th July 2011
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Worlds Tallest Dog Meets World's Smallest Dog
The worlds smallest dog comes face to face with the worlds biggest slap bang in the middle of Central Park.
Added: 15th February 2011
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