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You're Stuck In A Metaphor - The Trip, Episode 6 - BBC Two
More about this programme - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00wmxnmAs Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon's trip nears its end, the pair's competitive behaviour reaches its height.After some gentle gate vaulting, Steve's bravado leads to him being marooned on stepping stones in the middle of a river, with only one probable outcome.Rob's only retort, "You're stuck in a metaphor".
Added: 26th February 2011
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Kitten Helps Change A Tire
Watch Kitten Helps Change A Tire. Cute.
Added: 8th August 2011
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Worlds Shortest Cat
The shortest cat is Fizz Girl, a 2-year-old female munchkin cat, who measured 15.24 cm (6 in) from the floor to the shoulders on 23 July 2010 and is owned by Tiffani Kjeldergaard, San Diego, USA. Fizz Girl weighs 1.93 kg (4.25 lb).
Added: 21st September 2011
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Baby Elephants Cooling Off
Recently, the keepers at the Houston Zoo gave Baylor and Tupelo a big kiddie pool. Now that Baylor weighs more than 1100 pounds and Tupelo weighs more than 600 pounds, the small, inflatable pools do not last longer than 5 minutes without getting popped. The babies now get a family size pool which is 120 inches in length and holds both calves. It is a lot more durable. This size pool lasts for about 5 uses before it has to be replaced. Playing in the pool is a fun enrichment activity for the babies and the pool is given to them when the weather allows. visit: http://houstonzooblogs.org/elephant/
Added: 19th October 2011
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Tiger and Bear Cubs At Play
Watch Tiger and Bear Cubs At Play
Added: 31st March 2011
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