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Juvenile Plesiosaur Animation
This animation shows how the juvenile plesiosaur, discovered in Antarctica by an American-Argentine research team, might have appeared. Amid 70-mile-an-hour winds and freezing Antarctic conditions, an American-Argentine research team has recovered the well-preserved fossil skeleton of a juvenile plesiosaur--a marine reptile that swam the waters of the Southern Ocean roughly 70 million years ago.
Added: 13th August 2011
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Kittens Have A Turn On Vaccum Cleaner
Watch Kittens have turn on a vacuum cleaner.
Added: 1st October 2011
Views: 9238

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Penguin Gets Prosthetic Beak
Watch Penguin Gets Prosthetic Beak. After being injured by a boat propeller, a 5 month-old penguin in Rio gets a new beak.
Added: 10th April 2011
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I Are Cute Kitten
Watch I Are Cute Kitten
Added: 23rd March 2011
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Cats Love Boxes
Cats playing in a tunnel of soda boxes.
Added: 18th September 2011
Views: 9004

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