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Cat Gets Caught Barking By A Human And Resumes Meowing
Watch Cat Gets Caught Barking By A Human And Resumes Meowing
Added: 26th June 2011
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Monkey Mother Love - Brahms Lullaby by Jewel
"The love of a mother, human or animal, is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father..." Jewel sings: "Brahms Lullaby", with a such a tender voice that perfectly accompanies the video.
Added: 10th August 2011
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Clever Dog Plays Fetch By Himself!
Watch Clever dog plays fetch with himself. Super clever Jack Russell dog plays fetch with himself up and down some steps in London, UK. The dogs name is Sid Russell. Sid drops a ball at the top of the steps, chases it as it drops, takes it back to the top then lets go again. Sid really enjoys doing this! Sid is owned Roland Muldoon.
Added: 18th October 2011
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My Dog Plays Better Basketball Than YOU!
My dog plays better Basketball than you! Petey the Volleyball Dog now plays Basketball and is shooting some hoops.He is using a special Volleyball that is soft on his mouth. Also, he is wearing booties to protect his paw pads on the hard pavement. Enjoy!
Added: 3rd October 2011
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Two Faced Cat Sets World Record
Frank and Louie is a cat who was born with two faces and has earned a spot as the longest lived Janus cat in the new edition of the Guinness World Records. Janus cats, named after the Roman god with two faces, are extremely rare and seldom live more than a few days after being born. Often they die within hours. But Frank and Louie flourished. He turned 12 years old on September 8, 2011. telegram.com video by David Niles, Read more by Nancy Sheehan at http://www.telegram.com/ article/20110927/NEWS/109279895/1116
Added: 29th September 2011
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