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Worlds Tallest Dog Meets World's Smallest Dog
The worlds smallest dog comes face to face with the worlds biggest slap bang in the middle of Central Park.
Added: 15th February 2011
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Dog jumps on Dolphin
Watch Dog jumps on Dolphin
Added: 2nd June 2011
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Saving Valentina
Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a humpback whale entangled in a fishing net. Gershon Cohen and he have founded The Great Whale Conservancy to help and protect whales. Visit their website http://www.eii.org/gwc, facebook page, and join them in helping to save these magnificent beings.
Added: 16th July 2011
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Dalmatian Has...16 Puppies!
It's not quite 101 dalmatians but it's pretty close.
Added: 20th July 2011
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Jem Melts Rock Using Sunshine - Bang Goes The Theory - Series 3, Episode 5 Preview - BBC One
http://www.bbc.co.uk/bang Follow Bang on Twitter @bbcbang and #bbcbang.Jem Stansfield travels to the Solar Furnace Research Facility in Southern France. He witnesses the incredible power generated by highly concentrated sunlight.
Added: 26th February 2011
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