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Dog Wakes Lady With Narcolepsy
Introducing Theo, the dog with a very important job. Theo the cocker spaniel's owner Kelly Sears suffers from a rare condition called Narcolepsy. Which means she can fall asleep anywhere without warning. Theo has been specially trained to wake her with a nudge or a lick to the face.
Added: 17th July 2011
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Two Dogs On A Treadmill
Two exremely cute dogs running on a treadmil at the same time..what else could you ask for.
Added: 10th March 2011
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Turkey Attacks Female News Reporter
After hearing neighbors stories of wild turkeys chasing down joggers and other residents in an Arden, Sacramento, Ca. area neighborhood, News10 producer Duffy Kelly went out for a firsthand look. The final score was Turkey 1 - Reporter 0.
Added: 10th October 2011
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Hummingbird Takes A Shower - HD
Hummingbird gets drenched when water drips from a palm leaf overhead. Filmed In beautiful high definition (HD). Rufous Hummingbird.
Added: 28th September 2011
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Chihuahua Stops Armed Robbers
Paco to the rescue! One brave Chihuahua named Paco stops and chases off two armed robbers at a small smoke shop in Altadena, California. Paco received his official Super Hero cape on Good Morning America.
Added: 19th July 2011
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