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Swiss Jetman flies over Grand Canyon
Watch Swiss Jetman flies over Grand Canyon Swiss "Jetman" Yves Rossy completed an eight-minute flight along the Grand Canyon on Saturday, one day later than planned and away from the media spotlight. Details about the flight were announced by Rossy's publicity handlers on Tuesday, after reported the successful completion of the stunt by the Swiss daredevil, based on confirmation from two people close to the event.
Added: 11th May 2011
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Jumping Off Mountains Just For Fun
Have you ever imagined flying like a bird and feeling the wind surround your body as you float through the air? I know I have many times but I guess watching today's spectacular video is as close as I will ever get...The music is mesmerizing. Unofficial video made by FroschYankee from the movie Adrenaline Rush (The Science of Risk). Location: Eikesdalen (Norway). Music: Corymb (Lex Records 2004) Written by Bryan Hollon (Boom Bip), remix by Marcus Eoin & Michael Sandison (Boards of Canada).
Added: 1st May 2011
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Downhill mountain Biking
Downhill freeride mountain biking at The Lookout (Swinley Forest) - GoPro HD with dog Amber, a Hungarian Vizsla on my Trek Session 88.
Added: 28th April 2011
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Flying Silver Carp on Wabash River in Indiana
Flying silver carp jump and leap out of the water and into our boat. Indiana Outdoor Adventure TV hosts Troy McCormick and Mac Spainhour fend off the 20 pound fish as they attack the boaters and provide a boatload of fun and adventure.
Added: 20th April 2011
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All We Need Is A Bigger Hill
The California Skateparks brought The World's Largest Skateboard to Camp Woodward PA. One afternoon, campers and staff took the enormous skateboard out for a ride. Late in the day, California Skateparks owner, Joe Ciaglia decided to take his creation for a solo ride. That's when the trouble began...
Added: 17th April 2011
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