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Invisible Husband Shows Up In Photo!
With a flash of the camera, the invisible husband becomes visible, much to the surprise of the unsuspecting photographer(s). Surely there must be an explanation... Visit:
Added: 28th July 2011
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Unbelievable Waste Of Taxpayers Money
Unbelievable - Ridiculous Speed Sign, What A Waste Of Taxpayers Money. A Video Message to my County Commissioners about speed signs that are an apparent waste of taxpayers money...
Added: 15th February 2011
Views: 64704

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Little Old Lady VS Giant Mean Cop
Little old lady loses her keys but all the tall men around take advantage of their height to humiliate her by making her jump for the keys. Fortunately, this little old woman has more than one trick in her bag. Ouch!
Added: 9th September 2011
Views: 30149

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Golf Driving Range Blows!
The plastic tee of this golf driving range is tricked to blow air on the ball when golfers are in full swing. They look really silly swinging in the air.
Added: 22nd August 2011
Views: 23758

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Low Chair Prank
Shoppers are asked to participate in an on camera mall interview. Unfortunately, their chair goes lower and lower until they're almost sitting on the floor.
Added: 2nd June 2011
Views: 29695

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