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Goat KIds Gone Wild!
While the mamas eat their grain each night the babies kick up their heels! Maybe they know they have the pasture to themselves, maybe they know its almost time to go to bed, but every night for that 10 minutes the field is joyful mayhem! It is so much fun to watch. When the older goats are done with dinner sometimes they even have a little early evening fun before retiring to the barn for sleep! Stay tuned to the end of the video for a couple slow motion clips celebrating front hoof stands (this is the first year we have had a goat who does this!) and awesome leaps!

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Cats VS Laser Pointers - Cole and Marmalade
Cats + Laser Pointers = Lots of fun! ZigZag loses her little mind when the red dot appears!! (stay tuned for the video) then to my horror I realized I had never made a compilation of CAM and their laser pointer escapades, so here it is, enjoy :)

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