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The Dickenson Collection Auction  MN-Barn Find Indians
Fandor brink auctions will sell the Dickinson collection on July 20th and 21st 2019. This amazing collection has early brass vehicles early Indians motorcycles,Harley and more. Amazing. So much we are finding. Must be in person.
Added: 7th June 2019
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Modern people' lives are much happier and more comfortable than they were a couple of decades ago. Today, you can order anything you like on the Internet, travel anywhere in the world, and find delicious food and drinking water everywhere. In addition, scientists have found the cure for many diseases. It's basically heaven on Earth! ... But this happy life has a very high price. Human comfort costs the planet a lot, although many don't even know it. Well, it's never too late to see our planet in a new light.

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Five Super Fans You Have to Meet
There are fans, and there are super fans who will go to any lengths for the team, game, TV show, whatever it is they love. In this reel, youll meet a few of the most devoted, including a Toronto Raptors season ticket holder who hasnt missed one home game in over two decades, a man who has kept the same Dungeons & Dragons campaign going for 35 years and a voiceover artist who brings Homer Simpson actually, Homero Simpson to life for fans of The Simpsons all over Latin America.

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Taimane - Mercury
Here, Taimane and Ramiro Marziani play one of Taimane's original's "Mercury". Location: Chateau du Faou in Brittany France while on tour.

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