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Breathing New Life Into Pipes of the Past
For the past 175 years, organ builders Henry Willis & Sons have been preserving sacred sounds. The company has been in the business of building and preserving organs since the Victorian period, when founder Henry Willis became famous for creating some of the grandest organs around. Today, they are responsible for having built around 2,500 organs, and restoring thousands more.

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Learning the Language of Turkeys | BBC Earth
Joe Hutto's learnt the vocabulary for Turkeys, and can talk with them using their specific calls.

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Faded Rose Carolina Blue - Music Video
From our latest record, "Sounds of Kentucky Grass" we are excited to release our first music video from the album. We chose the song "Faded Rose" because of the sweet story in song. Folks also seem to take a liking to the 'old' sound of the song, with the brother style duet harmonies. We hope you will take a moment to watch and enjoy. Share with your friends. If you share please use the hashtag #fadedrose Carolina Blue http://www.carolinablueband.com/

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