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Animals Enjoying Pumpkins
It's decorative gourd season for these sulcata tortoises, black bears, beavers and lemurs! Committed to conservation, Oregon Zoo is currently working to save endangered California condors, Oregon silverspot and Taylor's checkerspot butterflies, western pond turtles and Oregon spotted frogs. Other projects include studies on Asian elephants, polar bears, orangutans and giant pandas. Celebrating 125 years of community support, the zoo relies in part on donations through the Oregon Zoo Foundation to undertake these and many other animal welfare, education and sustainability programs.
Added: 2nd October 2018
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Introducing Cats to New Kittens for the First Time
How To introduce cats and kittens… it's very important not to rush this process, take your time, follow these steps and everything should turn out purrfectly.

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The Rabbit Hole: Underground Cave & Waterfall In Jamaica | Swimming Hole Safari Ep 1
We're diving into the Rabbit Hole in Jamaica! It's an underground cave that is only accessible by jumping into a waterfall. Would you have the nerve to jump?

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