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10 Most Beautiful Albino Birds in the World
10 Most Beautiful Albino Birds in the World God has blessed every bird on this planet with beautiful and attractive colors. However, there are some birds that have no color at all or are purely white! Seeing the popularity of our previous video on beautiful albino white animals, we thought it would be awesome to make a video on similar type of birds too, so in this video we have brought you the 10 most beautiful albino birds. These birds are affected by a rare medical condition known as Albinism. As we all know that melanin pigment is responsible for the coloration of our bodies. In albino birds, melanin is absent and therefore, they are completely white and have no other color. Probability of arising this condition is 1 in 2000 birds, which shows that albino birds are very rare. Still these white birds look very attractive and beautiful. let’s discuss the top 10 most rare albino birds in the world.

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Why You Can't FOCUS - And How To Fix That
Why You Can't Focus - And How To Fix That In today's world, being able to focus is almost like a superpower. You rarely see anyone who's able to concentrate on a single task for hours. And the individuals who are able to focus, to nobody's surprise, get so much more done than other people. There are many areas where you could benefit from better concentration. Whether it's for school, studying, work or a hobby. If you're able to focus you can get your desired results faster. So today I'll explain what's holding you back from focusing and what you can do to improve it.

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Blue Jay Bird Bath Joy - Closeup
So Close You might get Wet! Blue Jays Love their bird bath - they and other Backyard birds line up late every afternoon for a refreshing splash. I've found that these simple molded large planter bases that are hollow and anywhere from 12 to 18" in diameter just simply put on the ground are the most popular with birds from little buntings and cardinals up to big Blue Jays. Most birds don't require or desire very large or deep water just an inch or inch and a half is enough. As you watch these Blue Jays totally enjoy a refreshing bath - you'll know water is what helps bring the birds in. Filmed with GoPro: https://amzn.to/2zkpG65

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Ventilator ( automated bag valve mask ) costing less than $300 at Rice University
A team at Rice University has developed an automated bag valve mask ventilation unit that can be built for less than $300 in parts and help patients in treatment for COVID-19. The university expects to make plans to build the unit freely available online. Up-to-date details about the project, dubbed the ApolloBVM, and its progress are available here: http://oedk.rice.edu/apollobvm/
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Coronavirus: Why we touch our faces and how to stop it
Several medical officials across the world have warned people to avoid touching their face as a key way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Often when issuing the warning, they've gone on to - you guessed it - put their hands on their face. But why do we touch our faces in the first place? And is it that easy to just stop doing it all of a sudden?
Added: 16th March 2020
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