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The Story of How a Pit Bull Changed His Mom's Life Forever
This is story of how Kilo the pit bull changed his mom's life forever. Candice was going through a tough time in her life so she decided to start volunteering at an animal shelter, where she met Kilo. She rescued him, and he saved her right back.

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Willie Nelson - It's Hard to Be Humble (Official Music Video)
"It's Hard to Be Humble" by Willie Nelson Available at on June 21: Chorus: Oh Lord it's hard to be humble When you're perfect in every way I can't wait to look in the mirror Cause I get better looking each day To know me is to love me I must be a ******* of a man Oh Lord It's hard to be humble, But I'm doing the best that I can

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Candid Camera Classic: Trash Class!
At an apartment building in San Francisco, residents are told about a mandatory Trash Class.
Added: 14th June 2019
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Tags Peter Funt Candid Classics Trash

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Animal Style || JukinVideo Vault
We take a deep dive in the vault and the ocean looking at awesome sea creature encounters this week. Then we come up for some air and play with some big kitty cats. All this before we head out to the woods and see real-life teddy bears. So let's take a walk on the wild side.

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Crazy Heart - Martha Spencer, Spoon Lady, and Jamie Collins
Went to see my buddy Martha Spencer at Big Tone records yesterday for a bit of recording. We decided to take a video really quick at the studio. No, we don't have a band name, but you can give us ideas in the comments.

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