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World Class Coach Shares Her Secret To Success | Valorie Kondos | Goalcast
Gymnastics 'Coach of the Century' is crushed by devastating news... instead of falling apart she turns it into the most important lesson of her life. I had the biggest aha moment of my life I get a call from my doctor and she says you are you in the car I said yeah she goes you need to pull over I'm like well this isn't good and I need you to get it as soon as possible we all have an expiration date we all do and at that moment my world stopped I [Music] heard you all go who when he said I was pac-12 coach of the century you went she's old yeah I get it 1990 we're going to make a change with our head coach and we would like for you to be the new head coach and I've never done gymnastics I know and I said to her you get it I don't know the first thing about gymnastics I went upside-down once it was last year on my 58th birthday and I did a cartwheel I got halfway up and my bum came right down towards the camera and she said I trust you'll figure the rest out I'm like can I get any more she goes now just go figure it out so I did what I thought was the very very smart thing to do I'm gonna go study other coaches this is where I went way wrong the year before we had finished second by half of a tenth the year I took over we came in dead last I realized at that time I was not cut out for this job on my way to resign and I come across coach wooden spoke on leadership but his book opened up magically to his definition of success success is peace of mind in knowing you've done your best and I read it again coach wooden was hailed as the greatest coach that ever lived I am a coach I am hired to win where does he talk about winning I had the biggest aha moment of my life I had been trying to be somebody else and at that moment I realized whenever you try to be somebody else you will always be a second-rate them the worst part about it is it prevents you from being a first-rate you so I started I scrapped everything that I had done I scrapped all those stupid coaching quips and I just became me and I will never ever forget a few years later one of my seniors said miss Val you have finally become a leader worth following I'm going along I'm loving my job I'm ruining Championships all is good I get a call from my doctor and she says you are you in the car I said yeah she goes you need to pull over I'm like well this isn't good and she says I've got to tell you your tests came back and you have breast cancer you have a very aggressive form of breast cancer and I need you to get in as soon as possible and at that moment my world stopped because the only other time I had dealt with cancer in my life was with my mother's death I was in the fight for my life and I went to the oncologist the next day she had this big smile on her face which I thought was very odd and she said now if you choose to get chemotherapy if you choose to get surgery I know it will work going through breast cancer was the best thing that ever happened in my life because it's changed every moment of my life since then I also realized that we all have an expiration date we all do we don't want to talk about it we don't think about it but we do and none of us know what date that is but what I want to make sure that I don't do is waste one day of my life the title of the book also is an homage to Coach wooden during his later years every time I was with him somebody said coach you've led an impeccable life do you have any regrets and he would always say I have one regret my wife Nelly loved to dance and I was always very shy and I would never been a good dancer and I realize now that had I danced with my wife people would have made fun of me they would have seen a couple that were so much in love they loved to dance with each other and if I could do it all over again I would dance with my wife in the history of human beings on this planet there has never been another view and there never will be another you you were born special with a unique light when you try to be somebody else it prevents your own light from shining brightly do not waste one day not fueling your heart and your soul and your light and when you fuel that light please make sure to share it with other people [Applause] you

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Why Life Is So Difficult When It's Not? | Eric Edmeades Speech | Goalcast
Serial entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker Eric shares his secret to responding to emotionally challenging obstacles. It's all about shorterning the Hindsight Window... About Goalcast: Welcome to the official Goalcast YouTube channel! We want to inspire the world to reach their dreams. On this channel, you’ll find a variety of content including listicles, motivational speeches, presentations and more. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications! Video Script: what emotions is my body having at this point how about anger and rage and our anger and rage useful well if the guys were here right now stealing the bags then anger and rage would be incredibly useful why is life so ******* difficult when it's not when we live in the easiest times ever we live in temperature-controlled houses so what's happening today is we're we're quite often facing these stresses that aren't actually real I mean they're very real in your body but they're not actually real life threatening stresses does this make sense my wife and I haven't been on tour for six months traveling around the world we've been building schools in Africa we've been teaching workshops around the world we've been doing really important work we arrived home and we had almost everything we owned with us because we'd been on the road for six months so we had I think it was seven suitcases full of everything we owned and our normal routine was to arrive home and halfway home we'd stop at the grocery store and we'd go in and get groceries because the house has nothing we haven't in there for six months and we'd stock up on groceries we come out so we go in and we get our groceries and we come out and I've got the groceries so I come to the back of the car and I open the car to put the groceries in but I know this is gonna be difficult because the bags are all in there I don't know how I'm gonna do it but I'm already thinking what I can move around and I open it up and I look down and I go oh oh he's moved two bags great I can put where did he move them to he didn't move them they're gone somebody has stolen everything we have every scrap of clothing all the computers cameras passports credit cards money heirlooms I mean everything was in these bags and I'm looking at so it's gone and suddenly my wife catches on and she just loses it she's just screaming and crying and I'm looking in the back of the car what do you what emotions is my body having at this point how about anger and rage and our anger and rage useful well if the guys were here right now stealing the bags then anger and rage would be incredibly useful but they're gone there's nothing I can do anger and rage are not useful in body just wants to do anger and rage what would help right now calm so I try to access calm but it's not available in the app store can't download calm it's just not coming and I started thinking about this stuff and I just got to this place noise like you know what we are truly gonna look back at this day and laugh one day we're gonna so we may as well do it now guys imagine this I'm in the parking lot I'm still standing looking and and I'm okay I'm actually okay with it I'm totally okay with it and then I start thinking yeah am i insane how did I do this and then I realize I've done everything that I've been writing about I've done everything that I've been talking about I've done everything that I've researched I've created super consciousness in that moment I turned to my wife don't I look calm and she goes you do how did you do that I know this is gonna sound crazy but you know that you and I would have just jumped right back into work you know that when we got home right you would have done all your catching up and I would have done on like a you know that now for the next two weeks all we can do is hang out watch movies walk on the beach that's all we can do there's nothing else she goes that does sound good she goes you've planned the whole thing out I go yeah it's pretty cool isn't it she goes it's not cool but it's not as bad as I thought it was the longer we stand there and contemplate it the more adrenaline we start to produce and the more adrenaline we start to produce the more negative we start to become because it's safer that way when events happen we have to be conscious about our response too often we let our bodies take over and it's in thinking about that I developed something that we call the hindsight window it's the period of time between an event that happens your life that feels bad and then one day when you realize it was actually good it's like that moment where somebody comes along says you're fired and in that moment it hurts and it's painful and it's terrible and then like a year later you look back you go thank God every note of life no matter how sharp or how flat is just another note in a perfect symphony that is your life life is happening for you all the time clean up your past if there are things that you're still holding on to that you're angry about a resentful about then find a way to assess a different meaning about those things and look at how they serve you we didn't come into this life for it to be easy we came into this life for us to get stronger every step of the way look at the entirety of it the bad event and all of the events inside and go you know what I can't delete that without losing all and then look at the things that trigger you right now just say we'll wait a second why would I give my power up to external events why would I give my power up to somebody else I don't want to be triggered like that and figure out how to prevent those things from happening don't be that person when the toughest things are happening when the hardest things are taking place that is the most important time to be conscious and choose your emotional response and I think if you can do that then like I said it's not that life gets easier but it's like it suddenly starts feeling easier and stuff comes along and it hits you and you go game on

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Before You Bury Your Dreams, Watch This | Ben Nemtin Speech | Goalcast
At the lowest point in his life, Ben Nemtin ask himself a very important question: "If anything was possible, what would I do?" Video Script: I dropped out of the University and I got dropped from the rugby team it became a shut-in in my parents house unable to leave and all of this caused me to slide into a depression now these feelings lasted for months until my friends insisted that I join them to live and work in a new town for the summer puddling then did I start to feel like I was coming out of my fog and after that summer I made a decision to only surround myself with people that inspired me I didn't know it then but that one small decision would completely change the rest of my life and what kid came to mind his name is Johnny I said Johnny let's make a movie the problem was we had no idea what we wanted to make a movie about there were so many things that we wanted to do but we hadn't done them because they were buried we were paired by work by school by life and we had moments of inspiration but eventually those became buried by the day-to-day we asked the question what do you want to do before you die and with that we made a list of our buried dreams right we just decided to make the most epic bucket list of all time so if anything were possible what would you do and the list items that I was convinced were impossible have somehow been checked off while we would make our own TV show right at number one New York Times bestseller tell a judge you want the truth you can't handle the truth walk away from explosion in slow motion and have a beer with Prince Harry we also made a promise every item we crossed off our bucket list we'd help a complete stranger do something on their list I wanted to find a story in Utah a story of helping someone else do something they want to do and we found an incredible story with the help of the University and it's proof that sometimes it doesn't take much to make a huge impact we have this really cool thing for you tonight because you're such an amazing person we know how much you love basketball yes they made you your own Jersey [Music] if he can do that I can do anything so oddly enough it's not these big list items that mean the most it's been the times when we've helped other people do what they love that remain the highlight and it all started with the bucket list we asked the question what do you want to do before you die and the list items that I was convinced were impossible have somehow been checked off list items like number 95 play basketball with President Obama at the White House sit with Oprah and we even crossed off have a beer with Prince Harry just know that there will be ups and there will be downs there will be times when you struggle we're all human beings and when you hit that struggle know this you are not alone our struggles can be our strengths when we embrace them rather than try to hide them because this is our true self and who you truly are is exactly who you need to be now take a second to think about your secret dream all right what is it now that you're thinking about it how do you accomplish it I only know five things here are the five steps to make it be impossible impossible write down your dream you take an idea and you make it real you're effectively breathing life into your dreams you've begun to prioritize your goals studies show that people that write down their goals are 40% more likely to succeed it's an easy 40 percent take it if you don't talk about your dreams no one can help you that guarantee help will show up in those unexpected ways some people don't talk about their biggest dreams because they're afraid of what other people might think or they're afraid of failure well failure is usually a course correction to success persist you fail because you stop trying success depends on consistency of effort as much as it does of quality of work you can produce great work and not have it recognized trying again and again makes all the difference step 4 take moonshots quite simply a big dream motivates you to get out of bed every morning and it attracts the best people and best talent by your you want those people standing next to you and finally step 5 give when people see you out in the world helping others they want to help you Jim Carrey says the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is it's the times when I stepped into someone else's life in a moment that means so much to them like our friend Doug that I know will stick with me until I die by doing what you love you inspire other people to do what they love and that ripple effect goes far beyond what you'll ever know it's time for you to track your true original course because today is the youngest you will ever be you

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This equation will change how you see the world
The logistic map connects fluid convection, neuron firing, the Mandelbrot set and so much more. Video Script: what's the connection between a dripping faucet the Mandelbrot set a population of rabbits thermal convection in a fluid and the firing of neurons in your brain it's this one simple equation this video is sponsored by fast hosts who are offering UK viewers the chance to win a trip to South by Southwest if they can answer my question at the end of this video so stay tuned for that let's say you want to model a population of rabbits if you have X rabbits this year how many rabbits will you have next year well the simplest model I can imagine is where we just multiplied by some number the growth rate R which could be say 2 and this would mean the population would double every year and the problem with that is it means the number of rabbits would grow exponentially forever so I can add the term 1 minus X to represent the constraints of the environment and here I'm imagining the population X is a percentage of the theoretical maximum so it goes from 0 to 1 and as it approaches that maximum then this term goes to 0 and that constrains the population so this is the logistic map xn plus 1 is the population next year and xn is the population this year and if you graph the population next year versus the population this year you see it is just an inverted parabola it's the simplest equation you can make that has a negative feedback loop the bigger the population gets over here the smaller it'll be the following year so let's try an example let's say we're dealing with a particularly active group of rabbits so R equals two point six and then let's pick a starting population of 40% of the maximum so point four and then times 1 minus 0.4 and we get 0.62 four okay so the population increased in the first year but what we're really interested in is the long term behavior of this population so we can put this population back into the equation and to speed things up you can actually type two point six times answer times one - answer get point six one so the population dropped a little hit it again point six one nine point six one three point six one seven point six one five point six one six point six one five and if I keep hitting Enter here you see that the population doesn't really change it has stabilized which matches what we see in the wild populations often remain the same as long as births and deaths are balanced now I want to make a graph of this iteration you can see here that it's reached an equilibrium value of point six one five now what would happen if I change the initial population I'm just going to move this slider here and what you see is the first few years change but the equilibrium population remains the same so we can basically ignore the initial population so what I'm really interested in is how does this equilibrium population vary depending on are the growth rate so as you can see if I lower the growth rate the equilibrium population decreases that makes sense and in fact if R goes below one well then the population drops and eventually goes extinct so what I want to do is make another graph where on the x axis I have R the growth rate and on the y axis I'm plotting the equilibrium population the population you get after many many many generations okay for low values of R we see the populations always go extinct so the equilibrium value is zero but once our hits 1 the population stabilizes on to a constant value and the higher R is the higher the equilibrium population so far so good but now comes the weird part once our passes three the graph splits in two why what's happening well no matter how many times you iterate the equation it never settles on to a single constant value instead it oscillates back and forth between two values one year the population is higher the next year lower and then the cycle repeats the cyclic nature of populations is observed in nature too one year there might be more rabbits and then fewer the next year and more again the year after as our continues to increase the fork spreads apart and then each one splits again now instead of oscillating back and forth between two values populations go through a four year cycle before repeating since the length of the cycle or period has doubled these are known as period doubling bifurcation z' and as R increases further there are more period doubling bifurcation z' they come faster and faster leading to cycles of 8 16 32 64 and then at R equals three point five seven chaos the population never settles down at all it bounces around as if at random in fact this equation provided one of the first methods of generating random numbers on computers it was a way to get something unpredictable from a deterministic machine there is no pattern here no repeating of course if you did know the exact initial conditions you could calculate the values exactly so they are considered only pseudo-random numbers now you might expect the equation to be chaotic from here on out but as R increases order returns there are these windows of stable periodic behavior amid the chaos for example at R equals 3 point 8 3 there is a stable cycle with a period of 3 years and as R continues to increase it splits into 6 12 24 and so on before returning to chaos in fact this one equation contains periods of every length 3750 1052 whatever you like if you just have the right value are looking at this bifurcation diagram you may notice that it looks like a fractal the large-scale features look to be repeated on smaller and smaller scales and sure enough if you zoom in you see that it is in fact a fractal arguably the most famous fractal is the Mandelbrot set the plot twist here is that the bifurcation diagram is actually part of the Mandelbrot set how does that work well quick recap on the Mandelbrot set it is based on this iterated equation so the way it works is you pick a number C any number in the complex plane and then start with Z equals 0 and then iterate this equation over and over again if it blows up to infinity well then the number C is not part of the set but if this number remains finite after unlimited iterations well then it is part of the Mandelbrot set so let's try for example C equals 1 so we've got 0 squared plus 1 equals 1 then 1 squared plus 1 equals 2 2 squared plus 1 equals 5 5 squared plus 1 equals 26 so pretty quickly you can see that with C equals 1 this equation is going to blow up so the number 1 is not part of the Mandelbrot set what if we try C equals negative 1 well then we've got 0 squared minus 1 equals negative 1 negative 1 squared minus 1 equals 0 and so we're back to 0 squared minus 1 equals negative 1 so we see that this function is going to keep oscillating back and forth between negative 1 and 0 and so it'll remain finite and so C equals negative 1 is part of the Mandelbrot set now normally when you see pictures of the Mandelbrot set it just shows you the boundary between the numbers that cause this iterated equation to remain finite and those that cause it to blow up but it doesn't really show you how these numbers stay finite so what we've done here is actually iterated that equation thousands of times and then plotted on the z axis the value that that iteration actually takes so if we look from the side what you'll actually see is the bifurcation diagram it is part of this Mandelbrot set so what's really going on here well what this is showing us is that all of the numbers in the main cardioid they end up stabilizing on to a single constant value but the numbers in this main bulb will they end up oscillating back and forth between two values and in this bulb they end up oscillating between four values they've got a period of four and then eight and then 16 32 and so on and then you hit the chaotic part the chaotic part of the bifurcation diagram happens out here on what's called the needle of the Mandelbrot set where the Mandelbrot set gets really thin and you can see this medallion here that looks like a smaller version of the entire Mandelbrot set well that corresponds to the window of stability in the bifurcation plot with a period of three now the bifurcation diagram only exists on the real line because we only put real numbers into our equation but all of these bulbs off of the main cardioid well they also have periodic cycles of for example 3 or 4 or 5 and so you see these repeated ghostly images if we look in the z axis effectively they're oscillating between these values as well personally I find this extraordinarily beautiful but if you're more practically minded you may be asking but does this equation actually model populations of animals and the answer is yes particularly in the controlled environment scientists have set up in labs what I find even more amazing is how this one simple equation applies to a huge range of totally unrelated areas of science the first major experimental confirmation came from a fluid dynamicists named Lib Taber he created a small rectangular box with mercury inside and he used a small temperature gradient to induce convection just two counter-rotating cylinders of fluid inside his box that's all the box was large enough for and of course he couldn't look in and see what the fluid was doing so he measured the temperature using a probe in the top and what he saw was a regular spike a periodic spike in the temperature that's like when the logistic equation converges on a single value but as he increased the temperature gradient a wobble developed on those rolling cylinders at half the original frequency the spikes in temperature were no longer the same height instead they went back and forth between two different heights he had achieved period two and as he continued to increase the temperature he saw period doubling again now he had four different temperatures before the cycle repeated and then eight this was a pretty spectacular confirmation of the theory in a beautifully crafted experiment but this was only the beginning scientists have studied the response of our eyes and salamander eyes to flickering lights and what they find is a period doubling that once the light reaches a certain rate of flickering our eyes only respond to every other flicker it's amazing in these papers to see the bifurcation diagram emerge albeit a bit fuzzy because it comes from real-world data in another study scientists gave rabbits a drug that sent their hearts into fibrillation I guess they felt there were too many rabbits out there I mean if you don't know what fibrillation is it's where your heart beats in an incredibly irregular way and doesn't really pump any blood so if you don't fix it you die but what they found was on the path to fibrillation they found the period doubling route to chaos the rabbits started out with a periodic beat and then it went into a two cycle two beats close together and then a four cycle four different beats before it repeated again and eventually a periodic behavior now it was really cool about this study was they monitored the heart in real time and used chaos theory to determine when to apply electrical shocks to the heart to return it to periodicity and they were able to do that successfully so they used chaos to control a heart and figure out a smarter way to deliver electric shocks to set it beating normally again that's pretty amazing and then there is the issue of the dripping faucet most of us of course think of dripping faucets as very regular periodic objects but a lot of research has gone into finding that once the flow rate increases a little bit you get period doubling so now the drips come two at a time to tip to tip and eventually from a dripping faucet you can get chaotic behavior just by adjusting the flow rate and you think like what really is a faucet well there's constant pressure water and a constant size aperture and yet what you're getting is chaotic dripping so this is a really easy chaotic system you can experiment with at home go open a tap just a little bit and see if you can get a periodic dripping in your house the bifurcation diagram pops up in so many different places that it starts to feel spooky and I want to tell you something that'll make it seem even spookier there was this physicist Mitchell Feigenbaum who was looking at when the bifurcations occur he divided the width of each bifurcation section by the next one and he found that ratio closed in on this number four point six six nine which is now called the Feigenbaum constant the bifurcations come faster and faster but in a ratio that approaches this fixed value and no one knows where this constant comes from it doesn't seem to relate to any other known physical constant so it is itself a fundamental constant of nature what's even crazier is that it doesn't have to be the particular form of the equation I showed you earlier any equation that has a single hump if you iterate it the way that we have so you could use xn plus 1 equals sine X for example if you iterate that one again and again and again you will also see bifurcations not only that but the ratio of when those bifurcations occur will have the same scaling for point six six nine any single hump function iterated will give you that fundamental constant so why is this well it's referred to as universality because there seems to be something fundamental and very Universal about this process this type of equation and that constant value in 1976 the biologist Robert May wrote a paper in nature about this very equation it's sparked a revolution and people looking into this stuff I mean that papers been cited thousands of times and in the paper he makes this plea that we should teach students about this simple equation because it gives you a new intuition for ways in which simple things simple equations can create very complex behaviors and I still think that today we don't really teach this way I mean we teach simple equations and simple outcomes because those are the easy things to do and those are the things that make sense we're not gonna throw chaos at students but maybe we should maybe we should throw at least a little bit which is why I've been so excited about chaos and I am so excited about this equation because you know how did I get to be 37 years old without hearing of the Feigenbaum constant ever since I read James Gleeks book chaos I have wanted to make videos on this topic and now I'm finally getting around to it and hopefully I'm doing this topic justice because I find it incredibly fascinating and I hope you do too hey this video is supported by viewers like you on patreon and by fast hosts fast toasts is a uk-based web hosting company whose goal is to support UK businesses and entrepreneurs at all levels providing effective and affordable hosting packages to suit any need for example they provide easy registration for a huge selection of domains with powerful management features included plus they offer hosting with unlimited bandwidth and smart SSD storage they ensure reliability and security using clustered architecture and data centers in the UK now if you are also in the UK you can win two tickets to South by Southwest including flights and accommodation if you can answer my text question which is which research organisation created the first website if you can answer that question then enter the competition by clicking the link in the description and you could be going to South by Southwest courtesy of fast hosts their data centers are based alongside their offices in the UK so whether you go for a lightweight web hosting package or a fully fledged dedicated box you can talk to their expert support teams 24/7 so I want to thank fast hosts for supporting veritasium and I want to thank you for watching

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A Techless Bonanza in Tokyo
So this is a thing that happened. I travel to Tokyo and hang out with Sara Dietschy who spent the day not being able to use anything IBM and it was harder than expected; the results may surprise you; you won’t believe what happened next. Anyway; watch the video because, it turns out without IBM it's tres hard to get proper ramen. You'll see. Video Script: my gosh this is beautiful my name is Sara DG rhymes with peachy I create videos about tech and creativity I have no idea what we're doing here but we're in Tokyo and we're going to have an adventure hi-yah come on guys so look you don't really know what you're doing here do you no idea somewhere over there there is a restaurant called for Kuja and it just does dynamite ramen this guy has been making ramen there for like 150 years the idea is that you just need to get there by 6 p.m. that's that's pretty much it didn't you do that sure ask me if there's a catch what's the catch you can't use anything that was invented by IBM or could use their technology and you can't be like man it's incredibly important if you're not there at 6 p.m. you fail you lose the challenge ok all right would you give me a phone I'm sorry I'm really sorry 10 just right that is mine because unfortunately your suffering contains several gigabytes of DRAM chips the RAM was invented by an IBM ax so I'm excited but I'm a little nervous the fact that I don't have my phone is terrified you just tell me what we're doing I'm sorry where do you stand on IBM Watson yeah yeah IBM could very well be in our vehicle two virtual assistants I'm sorry I know I don't make the rules I think she's gonna struggle to be honest I don't think it's the easiest task IBM technologies and a lot of stuff that you might not think is if she's really stuck I'm gonna give her a lifeline do you know how to unlock the bikes I'll translate for you hey excuse me do you know how to unlock this bike Osaka tomar-re masses No okay you know I'm gonna handle this okay okay excuse me unlock the spike do you have no phone I use tech for literally everything my level of confidence now is probably a five at skelton I can help you say Kaushal that means malfunction breakdown failure and I think that's what we're experiencing right now yeah I think I can do this um no no no no no what do you want to say ah found the map oh yeah but how are you paying for the map I'm sorry we can't pay for the map by credit card IBM technology is often involved in point-of-sale transaction it's basically we find a different way to do this because we can't have that map you know it might be time for one of my lifelines did I hear the word lifeline so we got one I have to hug three strangers I don't even count I don't even count it's very sweet you know it's not gonna misses a challenge where I have to get three hugs in order to get a map is that what I'm doing out here hug hug is this way right okay hug there all the time but this is adorable I can't secure my final hug hug I got far everyone had smiles on their faces besides the thousands of people who didn't yes so I have some that no it's kind of like where do I need to go you know one would think that I have never used a paper map before but I've actually used it once but I will say we did not get to where we needed to go so hot I am thirsty I am parched oh yeah sorry I would have got you one but I think there's a chance that the the produce inside of here was traced on the IBM food trust using blockchain technology so of course it can do promise would you find a deadline so why do you have media I just can't change have you just thought about thank you okay [Music] automotive transportation and while do I I just might make it I've got 20 minutes but anyone seen it allowed America keep going and he'll see the shop on your left [Music] hello James you made it welcome to work this is gosh II can't believe you I mean I can obviously I mean obviously we're gonna go your task you have at the orientation tell me what you think that's wrong well I fit though well then I can't believe too much to do we've done the adventure without IBM technology with mean we had a lifeline but we did a lot of things so it's been it's been an adventure I'm genuinely pressed what about should get it I was surprised to find that IBM tech wasn't so much what is technology it's community it's connecting people from around the world even after finishing the ROM and everyone's having fun take the pictures this is a great moment [Music]
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