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Fried Calamari Recipe. OrsaraRecipes
Today I would like to share with you my Crispy Fried Calamari recipe. Written recipe:

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Greasy Coat --- Old Time Fiddle
Greasy Coat is one of 17 tracks on Hillary's debut album, released in July of 2018. She explores the concept of cross tuning on the album, and for this tune, she actually invented a new cross tuning. ADFA
Added: 21st April 2019
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Tags fiddle dance old time greasy coat cross tune

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Painted Bunting Migration
Painted Buntings have been increasing in the Backyard this past week as birds from south Florida are migrating through here on their way north and our local birds probably have or are leaving soon - not to return until mid-October. So now is a good time to savor these most beautiful of all North American songbirds.

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Best Of The Week | April Week 3
The Best Of The Week!! This is your one stop shop for the best videos from all over the internet.

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