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9 Real Things That Defy the Laws of Physics
9 Real Things That Defy the Laws of Physics hello everyone let's be honest not everyone in school enjoys exact Sciences however you don't have to be an expert all know Newton's three laws off by heart to understand the basic principles of physics after all it's pretty easy to understand that under the influence of gravity objects for and a person can't fly without special devices wait a minute are you sure today we're going to be talking about situations where the laws of physics don't really apply let's get it on walking fish how do fish move even a child can answer this question they swim however this answer is not definitive first of all there are flying fish of course they don't fly around the planet looking for a nice place to stay but they are capable of performing some beautiful stunts in the air but there's also something else look at these images of fish moving along a cliff against the flow of water what is this an upside down video some kind of elaborate fake well none of those answers are correct it's actually a very unique species of fish actually several species in Central and South America for example you can find the sucker mouths armored catfish 'as the mouths of these freshwater fish works as a suction cup which allows them to stick to the surface and stay there despite the fast flow however this is not enough to move quickly on the rocks without falling off but this fish is easily outperformed by an unusual fish from Thailand the cave angel fish thanks to the peculiarities of its body structure this fish is able to walk and not only on horizontal surfaces but also at a 90 degree angle this is made possible by an unusual pelvic girdle which allows the fish to move its limbs diagonally like a lizard but there's more to it than that among the marine fauna there are other specimens that can walk with their pectoral or pelvic fins for example lumpfish but even so only the unusual thai fish can move on any surface crawling around like a salamander by the way scientists believe that studying them can help them better understand how 430 million years ago after a mass extinction some animals came out of the sea onto land and traded their fins for lakes levitation now how do you explain this the guy made two tinfoil boats of different sizes put them in a container and they just started floating in the air the amazing thing is if you take the air out of the container and pour it into the boat the boat then starts to sink so what is it the thing is that the vessel is filled with a substance called sulfur hexafluoride which is a heavy gas but why doesn't that substance mix with the air well because sulfur hexafluoride is five times heavier than air it can't get out of the vessel for the same reason the aluminium boat stays on top of the heavy gas layer instead of falling down some call this trick the transparent water experiments by the way do you know about helium balloons one knows that if you breathe in the air from them your voice becomes high in squeaky but if you breathe in sulfur hexafluoride the sound of your voice will be low and hush a bit like Darth Vader's I find your lack of faith disturbing each field every material on earth has its own melting and combustion points right well not really well originally yes but thanks to modern inventions this statement is no longer relevant in 1993 a British television show showed something incredible an inventor called Morris Ward presented an innovative material known as starlight to demonstrate its properties the British inventor covered a chicken-egg with the shielding material he then took a blowtorch with the temperature of over 2000 degrees Celsius and exposed the coated egg to the flame for several minutes at the end of the experiment walls took the egg out and cracked it as if nothing had happened both the shell and the interior were completely intact as if it were a regular raw wreck from the store so what is the secret to the mysterious mixture Lord Himself claims to have worked several years on his invention mixing various heat-resistant plastics and trying to find the best combination nevertheless the inventor never revealed the full composition of the mixture saying only that it includes 21 polymers and a small amount of ceramics what's surprising is the ward wasn't a chemist either in fact II didn't know much about science at all the British inventor decided to create this compound after a planed fire in Manchester in 1985 at the time 55 people on board of Boeing 737 died of asphyxiation in less than a minute from toxic smoke but then why hasn't there been a revolution in the construction industry worldwide since the creation of star lights very simple Lord was unable to reach an agreement with the British Department of Defense or any private companies the amateur chemist was very afraid that the composition of his mixture would be revealed and was not willing to negotiate in the end no one was able to unravel the secrets and after Ward's death in 2011 the story of starlight seems to be finally over hydrophobic materials you've probably seen online ads for hydrophobic shoes sprays it's a very useful invention for people who live in humid regions [Music] but scientists at the University of Rochester in New York have developed something even better they've created a technology that turns any material into a hydrophobic element forever without the need for additional treatments in the future the secret of this revolutionary technology is treating the materials with lasers using micro and nano structures a certain pattern with a certain depth is applied to the desired surface the invention can be described as truly revolutionary and its field of application is not limited to the production of clothing fabrics in fact these materials can be used for example to create the wings and fuselage of aircraft this completely eliminates the risk of ice formation incidentally a few years ago scientists perfected this invention thanks to hydrophobic technologies they've invented a way of treating metal surfaces that prevent objects from sinking how does it work structures applied to the surface are able to capture and retain air which creates an air bubble around the object immersed in water this is what pushes the metal to the surface in the future this may help create unsinkable ships memory metal what happens to metal when it's subjected to pressure right it changes shape like almost any solid material however there are also exceptions to this rule this material is known as nitinol and it is an alloy of titanium and nickel in almost equal proportions this metal is much more elastic than regular metals and retains the memory of its original shape producing this alloy is not easy though but its unique qualities make it very popular in the market [Music] listen all is used to produce artificial satellites antennas fuses boilers bone implants placeholder pins and even jewelry nitinol can also be used in the production of perpetual motion machines this was first done by American engineer art banks in 1973 the main elements of the original device was a wheel with spokes similar to the one that you see on the screen another components of the engine is the nitinol wire loops which are bathed with cold and hot water nitinol reacts to the temperature changes in the cold cycle the loops ends come closer and in the hot cycle the end straights an ounce which makes the wheel turn this engine is not used in industry but thanks to its properties it's really able to work forever if the temperature for water in the tanks remains the same stone in the air this installation in Myanmar attracts crowds of tourists every year many of them believe that the golden rock or as it's called earnest homeland that keo keo pagoda has a divine nature [Music] legend has it that it was placed on a rock fight to Burmese spirits two and a half thousand years ago the main version claims that the pagoda has the hair of the Buddha himself inside which prevents the stone from sliding well the temptation to believe that this structure was created by divine beings is really great when you look at it how can a seven-meter rocks stay on the edge of a cliff for so many years almost without touching it well honestly scientists have not been able to find a definitive answer to that some geologists believe that the golden rocks the result of a volcanic disturbance but most people except the stones divine origin dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] [Music]

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Wolves and Even Bears Are Afraid of This Evil Beast
Wolves and Even Bears Are Afraid of This Evil Beast hello everyone what do you think of when you hear about scary animals perhaps lions or Tigers or maybe even an aggressive bison or maybe sharks although they're technically fish no today we'll be talking about different kinds of living creatures they are more than capable of scaring other animals but not thanks to their huge size or sharp fangs wants to know more about them and let's get it on [Music] mustelids all of these animals belong to the mustelids family and look ok let's be honest they look adorable fluffy fur cute ears beady eyes seems like a perfect pet right they might look cute but they're considered one of the fiercest most ferocious and bloodthirsty predators in their desire to catch their prey these animals will stop at nothing they move with amazing speed they're always hungry and they attack animals much larger than themselves for example an adult hair or capercaillie they might not be strong enough to kill it but they'll try anyway what can we say even when they see a man weasels and our minds don't usually run away but take a fighting stance and can even attack him of course this attack won't be lethal but it will certainly hurt giant trevally many birds eat fish and this will not surprise anyone but what if it goes the other way round the giant trevally as a predator living in the coal reef ecosystem the largest of these species can reach more than one and a half meters in length and weigh under 80 pounds the giant trevally eats fish shellfish and crustaceans and the remains of turtles and dolphins were found in the stomach's of some especially large species with their size they can prey on animals this big but this is not all the trevally can suddenly jump out to the water and catch unsuspecting birds dragging them underwater we shall be relieved that this fish is still not big enough to consider feasting on a man black footed cats this desert predator might look like a well-fed pet with an unusual color it's easy to imagine a black-footed cat lying on an armchair or scratching post butts do not be deceived by the looks in facts this cutie is a bloodthirsty predator and a tireless hunter although it's considered the smallest among African cats on average this miniature cat kills fourteen small animals over just one night it's unlikely that there's at least one mammal capable of boasting the same achievements this is because the cat needs to eat at least 250 grams of food per day which is 1/6 of its average weight this is a small but skillful a very aggressive fluffy killer there is even a legend according to which a black-footed cat can kill a giraffe if it bites is jugular vein it's not to believe something like that could ever happen but if we assume that this cat suddenly decided to eat a giraffe well most likely they'd stand no chance moreover people don't know much about black footed cats either these animals are very secretive polar bear perhaps it's not a secret to anyone that almost any bear is dangerous not only for humans but also for other animals it can catch and eat everything that looks or smells good enough without exception an appreciation for what this animal is the polar bear hunts only on the ice mainly seals ringed seals and other marine animals throughout the year polar bears follow the ice cover and they do it for a good reason it's easy to blend in with the ice when you have white fur in such conditions it's simply impossible to hide from polar bears even in the ice cold water polar killers can attack anyone if they are hungry enough scientists know cases when polar bears have even hunted walruses to help you understand how challenging that battle is here are a few figures polar bears weigh 400 to 450 kilos on average while four walruses the average is 800 to 1700 kilos could this stop the formidable predator not a chance yes in a fair battle that polar bear will most likely not be able to win neither in water nor on land but this doesn't mean that he won't try if the herd doesn't defend itself it will panic and run into the water and this is the perfect moment for the bear to attack true the likelihood of a successful outcome is approximately 50% but for life in the wild this is good enough to try drongo unlike other animals in our video African Drago birds are not cruel predators that can tear their prey to pieces no they are the main tricksters of the animal world you thought only people can deceive others well jongo can often be seen accompanying huge herds of large animals these birds like to eat insects flying around the drongos diet is quite diverse to beetles worms manta sees butterflies and even scorpions everything that can't crawl away or fly away fast enough to escape from a sharp beak of the bird but the main thing about the drongo is their wits they know how to imitate the voices of other birds and they do it so masterfully that they can put parents to shame Jon goes use their skills to get food that or brother steal it from unsuspecting meerkats funny animals from the Mongoose family yeah the ones that stand on their hind legs and live in large communities they communicate with each other with the help of certain sounds by which they distinguish each other and alerts about the danger if a meerkat spots a predator he immediately informs the others and everyone hides have you already guessed Howard wrong nose make use of this that's right they imitate the warning signal and when the meerkats rushed to hide they calmly collect their prey Hey and so for that this intelligent bird changes its voice every time the meerkats realized that they were tricked and stopped running away some drongos may even warn animals about a real danger a couple of times in order to earn their trust yes that's just how tricky they are however sometimes the drongos take it easy and literally snatch food from the small meerkats who've not yet learned to be vigilant honey badger if you've been surfing the internet for a long time then you've probably heard the phrase the honey badger doesn't care at one time it almost became a meme and actually there is some truth behind this statement the honey badger is a distant relative of badgers and weasels and it lives in Africa Southwest Asia and India and as virtually no enemies in the wild in any case there are no animals who would even risk hunting them and this is not surprising because the honey badger is a very aggressive and very brave predator that seems to be able to handle anything because that's right the honey badger doesn't care about anything he was even mentioned as the world's most fearless creature in the 2002 Guinness Book of Records the thick skin of the honey badger is so strong the most predators can't bite through it the porcupine needles and even poisonous snake seats are not a threat to our new battery though it seems that nothing can hurt it honestly it shouldn't be called a honey badger but a badger of death the honey badger eats almost anything honey berries roots larvae insects frogs turtles rodents snakes including poisonous ones birds in their eggs and even small Cubs of other predators he devours all parts of his prey - including skin hair feathers meat and bones no exceptions because the honey badger is always hungry this animal is known for its cruelty and endurance as well the honey badger even attacks opponents many times it's so nice Lions not scared hyenas not a problem sheep and goats no big deal horses or buffaloes they were probably in the wrong neighborhood this is the territory of the honey badger poisonous snakes are also on his menu the honey badger can do anything when he's hungry for example he'll climb in thorny Bush to catch a mouse hiding there without hesitation ouch I look very nasty but as you already know the honey badger doesn't care if he wants to they'll even hunt small wild dogs so the adult species I'll have to hide the kids deeper in burrows otherwise that we hunt it down by the honey badger the honey badger can also get anywhere and then get out of there without any trouble - if he needs to go somewhere no walls or gratings will hold it the honey badger is not only it's in Asia but also a smart animal who can use improvised materials like stones sticks tires and dirts to achieve its goal for example to get out of the pen and have a good bite you've probably already realized that hunger can make the honey badger - absolutely incredible things even eating honey looks like a test of strength because the bees of course are not happy that their hive was ruined but the honey badger doesn't care if he wants honey he will get it and numerous painful bites will not bother him what is B venom for an animal that can survive the boasts of a cobra or a black member and this is not a joke for a honey badger toxins that are fatal to humans are like sleeping pills if Chuck Norris was an animal he'd definitely be a honey badger dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future do you laugh huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around you then visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link is in the description you interested great [Music] you

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Pierce Brosnan's Secret to Saving the World | Speech | Goalcast
From bullied to James Bond, this is the story of Pierce Brosnan, and how YOU have the power to change the world through your passion. I grew up in Ireland my father Tom Brosnan he left when I was an infant it was not a good time to be a single mother but my mother was courageous in her determination to make a better life for us both and thus she left the shores of Ireland to become a nurse in England such a decision came a number of years of separation and heartache at the age of four I went to live with my grandparents after they passed on I ended up living with a friend of the family Eileen Reilly was her name Eileen was a saint of a woman to me she was a classic Irish woman with an apron wrapped around a full figure there was always covered in baking powder I lived upstairs in a room that I shared with two other lodgers there were some sadness and longing I remember how she wept the day I left her I was 11 years old my life began again that day as I travelled alone on the plane to London with rosary beads in one hand and an empty aspirin bottle filled with holy water in the other once they're fresh off the plane with a thick Irish brogue for some reason they could not or would not say my name pierce so I was known as Irish each and every day trying to find my footing in this new landscape of prejudice and racism learning words I'd never known I never wanted to know I learned to assimilate it was in some ways my first acting job to be someone else and eventually I found people I didn't need to act for I found friends who accepted me and brogue and all friends who called me by my name on my own I had learned to survive but through friendship I learned to thrive those boys acceptance Eileen's generosity my mother's sacrifice that is what got me through my childhood I can tell you this wherever you're going you won't get there alone I certainly didn't it's easy to feel overwhelmed or daunted by the challenges facing our world in those moments when you feel outmatched you need people you can turn to you need people who can support you who can swell spirits who can pick you up and dust you off and set you right and once you're ready to get back into the fight you will need people to stand by your side our world doesn't need a lone hero out to solve things solo that world doesn't need a hero who only chases adventure and glamour we need people who have a passion and a sense of a mission my own environmental awareness and activism were born out of a love of nature a love for the ocean and the love namely my wife killed my wife and I helped save the last pristine breeding ground of the California gray whales that is our passion that is our mission many in your position have sought the routes of the flashy exciting more adventurous they've taken the high-powered job or the well-regarded profession because they want the thrill that comes with first class cabins penthouse suites and swanky clothes well I have worn the tuxedo so I can tell you this our world doesn't need you to chase the super spy lifestyle it needs you to find a passion and a mission greatness doesn't come from destruction it comes from the courage to create to see the opportunity we have been given to seize it and to build the future you are the architects and the engineers of a new tomorrow you like no species before us you have the power they urge you to pursue something that is exacting to you as it is important to the world makes something that matters the world needs your will it needs your imagination your courage your appetite for adventure it needs your hands and your minds and your thoughts our world doesn't need a hero with a license to kill we need people with the courage to create have before you the most singular opportunity for greatness [Music] laser saved I hope that this cadence will leave you both shaken and stirred but we'll see about that you

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World Class Coach Shares Her Secret To Success | Valorie Kondos | Goalcast
Gymnastics 'Coach of the Century' is crushed by devastating news... instead of falling apart she turns it into the most important lesson of her life. I had the biggest aha moment of my life I get a call from my doctor and she says you are you in the car I said yeah she goes you need to pull over I'm like well this isn't good and I need you to get it as soon as possible we all have an expiration date we all do and at that moment my world stopped I [Music] heard you all go who when he said I was pac-12 coach of the century you went she's old yeah I get it 1990 we're going to make a change with our head coach and we would like for you to be the new head coach and I've never done gymnastics I know and I said to her you get it I don't know the first thing about gymnastics I went upside-down once it was last year on my 58th birthday and I did a cartwheel I got halfway up and my bum came right down towards the camera and she said I trust you'll figure the rest out I'm like can I get any more she goes now just go figure it out so I did what I thought was the very very smart thing to do I'm gonna go study other coaches this is where I went way wrong the year before we had finished second by half of a tenth the year I took over we came in dead last I realized at that time I was not cut out for this job on my way to resign and I come across coach wooden spoke on leadership but his book opened up magically to his definition of success success is peace of mind in knowing you've done your best and I read it again coach wooden was hailed as the greatest coach that ever lived I am a coach I am hired to win where does he talk about winning I had the biggest aha moment of my life I had been trying to be somebody else and at that moment I realized whenever you try to be somebody else you will always be a second-rate them the worst part about it is it prevents you from being a first-rate you so I started I scrapped everything that I had done I scrapped all those stupid coaching quips and I just became me and I will never ever forget a few years later one of my seniors said miss Val you have finally become a leader worth following I'm going along I'm loving my job I'm ruining Championships all is good I get a call from my doctor and she says you are you in the car I said yeah she goes you need to pull over I'm like well this isn't good and she says I've got to tell you your tests came back and you have breast cancer you have a very aggressive form of breast cancer and I need you to get in as soon as possible and at that moment my world stopped because the only other time I had dealt with cancer in my life was with my mother's death I was in the fight for my life and I went to the oncologist the next day she had this big smile on her face which I thought was very odd and she said now if you choose to get chemotherapy if you choose to get surgery I know it will work going through breast cancer was the best thing that ever happened in my life because it's changed every moment of my life since then I also realized that we all have an expiration date we all do we don't want to talk about it we don't think about it but we do and none of us know what date that is but what I want to make sure that I don't do is waste one day of my life the title of the book also is an homage to Coach wooden during his later years every time I was with him somebody said coach you've led an impeccable life do you have any regrets and he would always say I have one regret my wife Nelly loved to dance and I was always very shy and I would never been a good dancer and I realize now that had I danced with my wife people would have made fun of me they would have seen a couple that were so much in love they loved to dance with each other and if I could do it all over again I would dance with my wife in the history of human beings on this planet there has never been another view and there never will be another you you were born special with a unique light when you try to be somebody else it prevents your own light from shining brightly do not waste one day not fueling your heart and your soul and your light and when you fuel that light please make sure to share it with other people [Applause] you

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Why Life Is So Difficult When It's Not? | Eric Edmeades Speech | Goalcast
Serial entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker Eric shares his secret to responding to emotionally challenging obstacles. It's all about shorterning the Hindsight Window... About Goalcast: Welcome to the official Goalcast YouTube channel! We want to inspire the world to reach their dreams. On this channel, you’ll find a variety of content including listicles, motivational speeches, presentations and more. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications! Video Script: what emotions is my body having at this point how about anger and rage and our anger and rage useful well if the guys were here right now stealing the bags then anger and rage would be incredibly useful why is life so ******* difficult when it's not when we live in the easiest times ever we live in temperature-controlled houses so what's happening today is we're we're quite often facing these stresses that aren't actually real I mean they're very real in your body but they're not actually real life threatening stresses does this make sense my wife and I haven't been on tour for six months traveling around the world we've been building schools in Africa we've been teaching workshops around the world we've been doing really important work we arrived home and we had almost everything we owned with us because we'd been on the road for six months so we had I think it was seven suitcases full of everything we owned and our normal routine was to arrive home and halfway home we'd stop at the grocery store and we'd go in and get groceries because the house has nothing we haven't in there for six months and we'd stock up on groceries we come out so we go in and we get our groceries and we come out and I've got the groceries so I come to the back of the car and I open the car to put the groceries in but I know this is gonna be difficult because the bags are all in there I don't know how I'm gonna do it but I'm already thinking what I can move around and I open it up and I look down and I go oh oh he's moved two bags great I can put where did he move them to he didn't move them they're gone somebody has stolen everything we have every scrap of clothing all the computers cameras passports credit cards money heirlooms I mean everything was in these bags and I'm looking at so it's gone and suddenly my wife catches on and she just loses it she's just screaming and crying and I'm looking in the back of the car what do you what emotions is my body having at this point how about anger and rage and our anger and rage useful well if the guys were here right now stealing the bags then anger and rage would be incredibly useful but they're gone there's nothing I can do anger and rage are not useful in body just wants to do anger and rage what would help right now calm so I try to access calm but it's not available in the app store can't download calm it's just not coming and I started thinking about this stuff and I just got to this place noise like you know what we are truly gonna look back at this day and laugh one day we're gonna so we may as well do it now guys imagine this I'm in the parking lot I'm still standing looking and and I'm okay I'm actually okay with it I'm totally okay with it and then I start thinking yeah am i insane how did I do this and then I realize I've done everything that I've been writing about I've done everything that I've been talking about I've done everything that I've researched I've created super consciousness in that moment I turned to my wife don't I look calm and she goes you do how did you do that I know this is gonna sound crazy but you know that you and I would have just jumped right back into work you know that when we got home right you would have done all your catching up and I would have done on like a you know that now for the next two weeks all we can do is hang out watch movies walk on the beach that's all we can do there's nothing else she goes that does sound good she goes you've planned the whole thing out I go yeah it's pretty cool isn't it she goes it's not cool but it's not as bad as I thought it was the longer we stand there and contemplate it the more adrenaline we start to produce and the more adrenaline we start to produce the more negative we start to become because it's safer that way when events happen we have to be conscious about our response too often we let our bodies take over and it's in thinking about that I developed something that we call the hindsight window it's the period of time between an event that happens your life that feels bad and then one day when you realize it was actually good it's like that moment where somebody comes along says you're fired and in that moment it hurts and it's painful and it's terrible and then like a year later you look back you go thank God every note of life no matter how sharp or how flat is just another note in a perfect symphony that is your life life is happening for you all the time clean up your past if there are things that you're still holding on to that you're angry about a resentful about then find a way to assess a different meaning about those things and look at how they serve you we didn't come into this life for it to be easy we came into this life for us to get stronger every step of the way look at the entirety of it the bad event and all of the events inside and go you know what I can't delete that without losing all and then look at the things that trigger you right now just say we'll wait a second why would I give my power up to external events why would I give my power up to somebody else I don't want to be triggered like that and figure out how to prevent those things from happening don't be that person when the toughest things are happening when the hardest things are taking place that is the most important time to be conscious and choose your emotional response and I think if you can do that then like I said it's not that life gets easier but it's like it suddenly starts feeling easier and stuff comes along and it hits you and you go game on

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