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Dog Egg Challenge Fails
You've all seen the newest trend of the dog Egg Challenge circling around the internet where it is said that a dog's mouth is so gentle that it will hold an egg without it breaking. Here are some of those Egg Challenge fails!

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WIENER 500 - Wiener Dogs in Racing Cars
Crusoe and Oakley have their first ever NASCAR style race in a Ferrari and BMW ride on cars for dogs. Who will win? We shall see? gentledogs start your engines!

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People and Bears Live in Harmony in This Wildlife-Friendly Town
In addition to adding bear-proof trash cans, the burgeoning town has also replaced attractants like fruit trees, built wildlife crossings over highways, and provided education to the local populace. Their creative solutions have helped to manage local wildlife while keeping residents and visitors safe to enjoy the beautiful scenery the area has to offer.

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Cat Is Pretty Sure Kitchen Floor Is LAVA
Cat Is Pretty Sure Kitchen Floor Is LAVA | This cat's so scared of the kitchen floor, so she jumps over the same spot every single time -no matter what's in her way.
Added: 17th February 2018
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