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The Lift Garage: Fixing Cars and People's Lives
Lift Garage Executive Director Cathy Heying initially knew nothing about car repair. At 38-years-old, she went back to school for auto technology. To date, Cathy and The Lift Garage has saved Minneapolis residents over $30,000 in repair bills. Her mission is to lifts spirits, lives and families through their struggles.

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10 Songs You've Heard and Don't Know the Name Of
I played 10 classical songs that you've heard but do not know the name. In fact, no one knows their names. Learn on this video!
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Great Dane Dog REALLY Wants Dad's Sandwich
Great Dane Dog Really Wants Some Of Dad's Sandwich | This dog says “I love you” to make his dad share.

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A Tiskit A Taskit (Texas Country Reporter)
Ronnie Earp is living like a kid in his ice cream shop. Ronnie Earp 71 N Waco St., Hillsboro, TX 76645 254-582-3807 Texas Country Reporter

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Baby Rhino Grows Up With Goat Best Friend
Baby Rhino and Goat Best Friend | When this baby rhino was rescued, he was too little to play with the older rhinos at his sanctuary. So he was introduced to a goat instead! Today on Odd Couples, watch how Khula the rhino and Imbuzi the goat became best friends. Their favorite activities include: playing tag, snuggling and generally being inseparable

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