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World's WEIRDEST Animals
The world is a massive place and to date, there are still so many incredible and amazing animals still waiting to be discovered. From amphibians to reptiles, mammals and sea animals.

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Riding In Jim's 1956 Corvette
It's been a while since I made a video at Automobile Driving Museum since that I'm now volunteering as a new docent at the museum for the driving program. Anyways, here I go for a ride in Jim's 1956 Corvette.
Added: 23rd April 2018
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Earth Is Awesome | Earth Day 2018
It's International Earth Day! Get outside and enjoy all the awesome around you!

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Man Rescues Street Dog on Road Trip And Takes Her on a Wild Adventure - ALASKA
Rescue Dog Makes Epic Road Trip With Her Family | When this guy found a puppy on the street in Peru, he brought her along in his van and spent the last 6 YEARS traveling to beautiful places and making memories with her.

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Ladyva - Boogie Woogie
Ladyva performing Boogie Woogie at the Philharmonic live @ Jools Hollands annual Boogie Woogie Dinner at Boisdale Canary Wharf in London with special guest "Dr. House" alias Hugh Laurie enjoying himself in the front row. :) On the drums the great Gilson Lavis.

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