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British Airways Flight 5390
British Airways Flight 5390 was a scheduled passenger flight operated by British Airways between Birmingham Airport in England and Málaga Airport in Spain. On 10 June 1990 an improperly installed panel of the windscreen failed, blowing the plane's captain, Tim Lancaster, halfway out of the aircraft. With Lancaster's body firmly pressed against the window frame for over twenty minutes, the first officer managed to perform an emergency landing at Southampton Airport with no loss of life.

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Let's Do It Again! - Jeff Gordon Prank
Jeff Gordon and Pepsi MAX go to a car dealership where a disguised Jeff Gordon takes an unsuspecting car salesman on the test drive of his life. What would you do if good ole Jeff pulled this on you?
Added: 12th March 2013
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Humming Bird Nest Cam
Humming Bird Nest Cam. Phoebe is a Channel Island Allen (S.s. sedentarius) hummingbird in Orange County, California. She has been laying 4 to 5 clutches each year.
Added: 21st April 2013
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Caught With Sexy Girl Prank
For once it's actually the - It's not what it looks like - excuse is actually the truth. Innocent men looking for a new shirt get more than they bargained for when their wives and girlfriends notice some red lipstick on their neck. Things go from bad to worse when a sexy girl comes out of the change room.
Added: 3rd January 2012
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Disabled Man's Life Is changed By An Old Blanket
This video has a WOW factor of 10! It was sad a first but then by the middle I was sitting on the edge of my seat and cheering for this man and his life changing Navajo blanket.
Added: 2nd November 2012
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