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Jumpy The Dog - Showing Off
Jumpy does the normal "Tricks" very well but also be on the lookout for the WOW's sprinkled through out this video. I think Jumpy is totally AWESOME!
Added: 3rd July 2013
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Let's Do It Again! - Jeff Gordon Prank
Jeff Gordon and Pepsi MAX go to a car dealership where a disguised Jeff Gordon takes an unsuspecting car salesman on the test drive of his life. What would you do if good ole Jeff pulled this on you?
Added: 12th March 2013
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Humming Bird Nest Cam
Humming Bird Nest Cam. Phoebe is a Channel Island Allen (S.s. sedentarius) hummingbird in Orange County, California. She has been laying 4 to 5 clutches each year.
Added: 21st April 2013
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Caught With Sexy Girl Prank
For once it's actually the - It's not what it looks like - excuse is actually the truth. Innocent men looking for a new shirt get more than they bargained for when their wives and girlfriends notice some red lipstick on their neck. Things go from bad to worse when a sexy girl comes out of the change room.
Added: 3rd January 2012
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Disabled Man's Life Is changed By An Old Blanket
This video has a WOW factor of 10! It was sad a first but then by the middle I was sitting on the edge of my seat and cheering for this man and his life changing Navajo blanket.
Added: 2nd November 2012
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