FEATURED VIDEO: The Decorah Eagle Cam Is Live - One Baby Hatched 04/02/2018
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Meet Some of Africa's Most Incredible (and Endangered) Animals
Meet some of Africa's most colorful residents as we take a tour of the continent through the eyes of the incredible creatures who call it home. From a "jackass" penguin to an ornery eagle, a cheetah to a hungry rhino, these amazing animals are worth getting to know, especially as their populations become threatened from habitat loss and human activity.

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Valentine's Day Kissy Pets | Love Is In The Air
Happy Valentine's Day! Love is definitely in the air with this precious kissy pets video compilation! Dogs kissing their humans, piglets kissing babies, and even cats begging for doggy kisses!

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Today I Learned: Kangaroos
G'day mate! It's time to learn something new about kangaroos! Do you know how fast they can hop? Or what a baby kangaroo is called?

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This bulldog taught himself how to skateboard
George is a 4-year-old bulldog that's obsessed with skateboarding.

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Auntie Chendra The Elephant
Every member of an elephant family plays an important role. For Chendra, that role is auntie.
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