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Watch Man Do CPR On Drowning Squirrel
Watch as pool guy resuscitates a drowned squirrel! CNN's Jeanne Moos shows how to do CPR on a rodent.
Added: 24th February 2015
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Wendish Fest (Texas Country Reporter)
See how one woman uses her noodle to keep her culture alive. Hattie Schaustchick & Jack Wiederhold Texas Wendish Heritage Museum 1011 Co Rd 212 Giddings, TX 78942 Phone: 979-366-2441 Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: facebook.com/TexasCountryReporter TCR #1434, 02-21-2015

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Red Pandas are Having Snow Much Fun - Cincinnati Zoo
#SnowMuchFun keeper captures our Red Pandas having huge fun on a cold snowy day.
Added: 25th February 2015
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Tags Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden animal conservation Red Panda (Animal) snow play fun

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Nutella The Dancing Toy Poodle
Nutella the little teacup poodle who just couldn't stop dancing...

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