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Squirrel Clown Box - National Squirrel Appreciation Day
How many Red Squirrels can fit in this Box? You've heard of a "Clown Car" - this is a box full of cute little baby Red Squirrel clowns and their Mom - who is totally frazzled. This goes on for an hour. I'll leave it to the audience to count them! BTW January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day - what better way to see how much joy squirrels can bring!

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Cute Puppy vs. Lemon: Cute Puppy Potpie
Watch cute puppy dog Potpie battle a lemon. This crazy cute beagle puppy wastes no time in pouncing on the lemon wedge and putting it in his mouth, which causes the dog to have an adorably hilarious reaction. Potpie plays with the piece of fruit like it's going to bite him, in this epic battle of puppy dog vs. lemon!

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Instant Animal Daycare Prank
Instant Animal Daycare Prank, from Just Kidding Pranks!

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The world's most chilled Koala
Harry, the Koala, from Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia gave the whole world a master class in how we chill out Down under. Running over to Zoo Keeper Tami, he jumps up on her lap for Koala cuddles and kicks back as if Tami is a sofa so he can have his belly rubs. If that wasn't enough, he then gets his hands and feet massaged before kissing Tami and being on his way with not a care in the world.

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The Cute Ways Animals Have Fun in the Snow
Are you looking for a pick me up? Need a little fun in the snow to make you smile? Look no further - we found the cutest exotic and domesticated animals on the Internet and put these adorable clips together, just for you! Watch as a baby elephant, panda, penguins, and horses frolic happily in the snow. It just might make you love winter that much more!

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