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Biggest Mysteries of the Human Body
From the reason why armpit sweat stinks, to what motivates us to create art, here are Biggest Mysteries of the Human Body.

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Dog saved from the dog meat trade, meet Sunshine
In March 2015, Humane Society International rescued 57 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea. Sunshine was one of the 57 dogs that came to the US and this is her story. Humane Society International shut the farm down and the farmer transitioned over to an agriculture business instead of farming dogs. We are so thrilled for these dogs to be off the farm and closer to living in their loving forever homes they so desperately deserve. To help end the dog meat trade please visit: http://bit.ly/2q0ESLV
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14 Incredible Ancient Cave Dwellings
From The Mesa Verde Cliff Palace to The House of Fire Ruin here are 14 Incredible Ancient Cave Dwellings. Would you visit these sights?

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Crusoe the Lumberjack Wiener Dog
Crusoe the Dachshund is the lumberjack wiener dog, who cuts down trees to get at squirrels and for firewood, since his Dad is cheap on heat!

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Eccentric Senior Shows Us How To Live Life to the Fullest With MUSIC!
There is no doubt that 77 year old Darla Shaw is an eccentric... and she is proud of that label. When she is not teaching as a full time college professor, She may be playing in her Kazoo and steel drum band or attending her belly dancing class, or teaching Alzheimer awareness to middle school students, or traveling to Bhutan to help underprivileged kids, and these are just a few of her weekly activities the list goes on! Her endless energy, desire to learn new things and share this knowledge with others is an inspiration to anyone one at any age!

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