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Wild Tom Turkey Gobble Gobble Calls with Beard
Male Turkeys or "Toms" as they are called when mature are in a breeding mindset in late April and very competitive. This Tom encountered in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge gives the classic pose and gobble-gobble-gobble call and displays a nice long "beard". They also typically take on humans this time of year, in this case challenging the van to a little footrace. Often they will attack their own reflections in cars when their hormones are on full boil. Filmed in 4K with Canon SX70HS

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BEST OF THE WEEK - Cheese Please
Goodbye May and hello summer. We know you have been waiting all week for the Best Of The Week. This we a serious case of llama drama, a kung fu bear, and a salad with a surprise. You don't want to miss the surprise. Enjoy!

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Is The Watermelon Windmill Gadget Quicker Than A Knife
Do you like Watermelon? Do you like gadgets! Lets see if this windmill cutter is actually quicker than a knife. We do a comparison review and put it to the test. Available at

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Two Rescued Pit Bulls Comfort Each Other Every Day
Luna and Desmond were each other's missing puzzle piece! Luna was rescued from a yard where she was chained up. Desmond was living as a stray in the middle of winter. They both came from rough pasts, but the second they met each other, they just clicked! Now they spend every day in a warm home with their very best friend.

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