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The Talking Dog - Comedy
Have you seen the "Talking dog video clip"? Jonnie W shares his insights into why your dog may not be as fond of you as you thought. From his new DVD, "Angry Sandwich", which is available at
Added: 10th May 2013
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Evacuated Tube Transport
Evacuated Tube Transport is an airless, frictionless, maglev-like form of transportation which is safer, cheaper and quieter than trains or airplanes. Six-person capsules travel in the tubes and can reach a maximum speed of 6,500 km/h, and provide 50 times more transportation per kwh. A tube can travel from New York to Beijing in two hours, and make a round-the-world trip in just six hours.
Added: 22nd April 2012
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NEVER Land In A Lion Cage!
Blue Heron lands in lion enclosure at the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam. Bad ending for the Blue Heron.
Added: 23rd February 2012
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Duck on front lawn completely mesmerizes dog and baby
These two buddies are both thoroughly fascinated by a duck casually passing by the window. Notice how they are literally pushing each other to get a better
Added: 18th May 2016
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Here are the best People are Awesome videos in our Best of the Week compilation! Huge thanks to all the amazing people that submitted their videos this week! We have base jumping, martial arts, freerunning, basketball trick shots, high jumps and much more!

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