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Excited dog desperately attempts to befriend horses
Check out how thrilled this dog is to be introduced to a pair of horses. Although he tries his very best to make contact with them, it appears that these
Added: 8th August 2016
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Tags cute pets

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Baby Charlotte Says NO NO NO
Baby-Charlotte - Says NO NO NO Filmed after a long car ride, Charlotte had a lot to say..."no" As seen on: Inside Edition, Today Show, Tonight Show, O\'Reilly Factor, CNN, HLN, Fox News, UNIVISION, and your local news
Added: 18th February 2012
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Jordin Tootoo Gives Little Kid His Hockey Stick!
Jordin Tootoo gives his stick away to one lucky fan during pregame warmups.
Added: 27th April 2014
Views: 5672

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Concrete Buffer Gone Wild - Hilarious
Nobody was injured in this potentially hazardous situation.
Added: 19th December 2011
Views: 8700

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