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Cute Baby Is A Natural Goat Whisperer
This adorable little girl is a natural goat whisperer! She and this goat connect on a whole new level and it's absolutely adorable! This girl and goat are able
Added: 26th October 2016
Views: 2641

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Dog Jumps Off Cliff
Super dog Lily takes to the cliffs with the Falling of the Rock boys in Bermuda. Falling off the Rock Created by: Andrew Kirkpatrick & Evan Faulkenberry
Added: 22nd April 2014
Views: 5048

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Red Chamber -Girls Picking Flowers - Music
Red Chamber performs Girls Picking Flowers, a contemporary piece written for the group by Zhimin Yu.
Added: 16th October 2012
Views: 7350

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Unusual Horses: Bashkir Curly
This beautiful breed has it all: intelligence, temperament, stamina and an unmistakable coat, which just so happens to be hypoallergenic.

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Amazing Slow Motion Pets Video Compilation 2016
From a puppy trying to catch a tennis ball, to a cat trying to play catch, everything looks cooler in slow motion.

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