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Cirque du Soleil jump rope artist will blow your mind
With 15 years of competitive jump rope experience, 2 world records, multiple World and European Jump Rope Championship wins and even a Cirque du Soleil membership, it's safe to say that no one is better at jumping rope than Adrienn Banhegyi. Watch her give a dazzling performance at an event in Szombathely, Hungary. Unbelievable!

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The most satisfying video in the world
This videos is a remix of many other interesting videos available on the internet. It's had over 8 million views on Youtube in the last 3 days. Enjoy!
Added: 15th July 2016
Views: 5094
Tags remix video satisfying Most Satisfying Video world

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Driver Narrowly Escapes Huge Boulder
Dramatic amateur video captured the moment when a car on a coastal road in Keelung, northern Taiwan, was hit by a landslide and narrowly avoided being crushed by a boulder on Saturday. The driver and his partner, who both escaped from the nearly fatal landslide, were very lucky, they both only suffered minor injuries. RT LIVE
Added: 1st September 2013
Views: 6168

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Funniest Cut Pet & Animal Home Video Bloopers & Reactions of December 2016
Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest pet and animal bloopers and reactions of December 2016 courtesy of AFV. Check out more Funny Animal videos ...
Added: 2nd December 2016
Views: 3560
Tags AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet comp compilation weekly react reacts

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Jeff Jones Antique Auto And Collectables Auction
VanDerBrink Auctions is pleased to bring you the Jeff Jones Estate Auction. This auction has Ford Cars, Partd, memorabilia, vintage toys and more. July 20th, 2014 in Sabin, MN. For more info
Added: 1st May 2014
Views: 5552

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