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How to Make Spaghetti Carbonara - by the Dog!
Join our newest puppy-chef, Panda, as he turns pasta, bacon, cheese, and eggs into decadent spaghetti carbonara. Chef Panda is Blue Apron's resident Boston Terrier, and he's a really good cook. blueapron.com/

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Parker the English Setter Goes Crazy In Leaves
Our 1-year old English Setter goes nuts in leaf piles. He hides sticks in there and then dives in to find them. Hope you enjoy :) We get a kick out him.
Added: 19th November 2013
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Vaccum Disaster Prank
When the victim plugs the cord into the electrical outlet, the vacuum cleaner sucks the curtain into it and the entire display table comes crashing down. http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 18th December 2012
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That Skunk Is Mad - Parry Gripp
http://parrygripp.com/ We all smell bad, sometimes. These skunks were in my back yard.
Added: 31st December 2011
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10 Facts About Great White Sharks
Remarkably little is known about great white sharks, but they are similar to humans in a lot of ways - they give birth to live young, maintain a higher body temperature than their surroundings and they are apex predators. There are also many misconceptions about these sharks: people think they don't get cancer and that they reside mainly in shallow waters near beaches. In this video I summarize some of the most interesting things I learned about sharks on my cage diving adventure.
Added: 20th October 2013
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