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Cardboard Rodeo with Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Super thanks to Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mountain Dew for helping make this video happen! This was video #4 of our #DEWroadtrip that we are doing around the U.S. making videos with all of you! We filmed this video at Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s property in North Carolina. It was awesome working with him and his team, they were super accommodating, and we all had a blast.
Added: 6th December 2013
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How To Wake A Snoring Dog
Sung to the tune of "White Christmas": I'mmm dreaming of a biggg treat. This dog must breath, sleep, and think food all the time if a small treat can wake it up from it's slumber. For more hilarious pet videos check out http://www.petsami.com
Added: 1st August 2012
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Experience Freedom
The Experience Freedom Journey will take you through the world of skydiving and Base Jumping in some of the most amazing and scenic locations in the world. A New Video From InfinityList.com
Added: 27th March 2012
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The Funniest Monkey Videos, Moments, Outtakes & Clips EVER Compilation
Get ready to go bananas for this all monkey themed weekly compilation filled with the greatest home video bloopers, fails, clips, outtakes, reactions and funniest ever.
Added: 9th September 2016
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Tags Animals animals fun funny pets pet monkeys funny monkeys funny monkey funny

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Who's Your Daddy Prank
Some seriously brave dudes help us pull a prank that's TOTALLY Jerry Springer worthy! goo.gl/wJxjG
Added: 11th July 2014
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