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Evolution Of Dance - Robot Style
Evolution Of Dance by NAO based on Judson Laipply show animated by Valentin Join the community: http://aldebaran-robotics.com/
Added: 17th July 2012
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Duck Bounces Ball Off of Beak
This Duck likes to play catch by bouncing a ball off of his beak.
Added: 19th October 2015
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Tags Kyoot AFV AFV Animals animals fun funny pets pet Beak Duck (Animal)

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Fish on Wheels
By using a camera and computer vision software it is possible to make a fish control a robot car over land. By swimming towards an interesting object, the fish can explore the world beyond the limits of his tank. http://www.studiodiip.com * The fish itself is placed in a normal fish tank after driving
Added: 12th February 2014
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Llamas Bring Happiness to Nursing Home
Nursing home residents delight in their llama visitor.

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