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Kris And Kat Surprise Baby Announcement
My sister Katharine and her husband Kris (The Camillis) decided to surprise a bunch of family and friends the big news by having them pose for a photo. Side note: Some of these were taken around the time of Halloween so a few people are in costume!
Added: 17th November 2014
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Cute Cat Could Be The World's Shortest Feline
Cute Cat Could Be The World's Shortest Feline Standing at just five inches tall from shoulder to paw, little Pixel could be the world's shortest cat. Despite being unverified by Guinness World Records, Pixel's owner Tiffani Kjeldergaard is confident that her Mini Mew Munchkin cat is a record breaker. The previous record of six inches was held by Pixel's mother Fizz Girl in 2012. The cats have a rare gene make up meaning they are born with unnaturally short legs. Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan Producer: Daniel Howlett Editor: Joshua Douglas
Added: 1st July 2014
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Baby Goat Receives Wheelchair
'Frosty the Snow Goat', was taken in by Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary. Staffers there have outfitted him with a little wheelchair for his hind legs so he can explore the property.
Added: 23rd May 2014
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Butterfly Fails To Faze Flute Player
Japanase Youkie Ota was joined by a butterfly on stage, that seemed to enjoy her playing a lot waving its wings to Sancan's Sonatine for flute and piano. nielsen.odensesymfoni.dk
Added: 18th September 2014
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The Gibson Brothers - Long Gone - Bluegreass Music
The Gibson Brothers perform "Long Gone" live in the Washinton, DC studios of WAMU's Bluegrass Country. BluegrassCountry.org Host: Lee Michael Demsey Video: Peter Swinburne Audio: Aaron Levine

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