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Building Bluebird House 001
How to Build a Bluebird Birdhouse with JacksBirdHouses Part 1 JacksBirdHouses@Etsy
Added: 31st May 2014
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Bavarian Girls Dance
performed by Astrid "Ase" Paster and Franziska "Franzee" Pauli at Musikantenstadl in Reisa (near Dresden) Germany on March 3, 2009
Added: 13th January 2014
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Ocean's Freakiest Eaters
Discover the most disgusting dinners of the sea world! Like us on Facebook: http://ow.ly/3FMm1??
Added: 17th January 2013
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Little Big Shots - The Tiniest Abe Lincoln Fan (Sneak Peek)
Lucy loves Lincoln! At five years old, her hobbies might be a little different than her friends. Watch the new season of Little Big Shots, coming soon to NBC.

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Young Soldier's Early Return Surprises Dad
I've been a family friend for many years. His dad is one of my best friends. It was hard to keep this a secret for so long.
Added: 27th March 2014
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